Sales Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John can get the job done and has extensive recruitment and sales exp.
He comes with strong experience in sales and recruitment which he uses deliver the best in his workplace.
John got him the first ever recruitment role using his sales experience gathered over the years.
His deep background in sales and recruitment shines through in his recommendations.
Without hesitation, he'll go to bat for his sales and recruiting team.
His compassion for his sales team and those he recruits is palpable.
He would be an outstanding addition to any sales recruiting team.
So if you're in recruiting and/or sales, and looking for work, he's the one you want to call.
His knowledge of both sales and recruiting has been an incredible asset.
John became his go to recruiter for sales staff and never failed to deliver.
His thoughts and insights on sales and recruiting strategies are excellent.
His sales training has yielded incredible results, and he is just as capable as a sales recruiter.
He then did recruitment for us to help us build our sales team.
John is not only just one of the most well known salespeople in our organisation he is a byword for sales recruiting itself.
Those sales reps who would be an asset to any company they consider, and who make him shine as a recruiter.
He acts as the liaison between sales and recruiting and always seems to make fair and reasonable decisions.
Given a chance he can give different dimensions to sales and most importantly recruitment.
Anyone looking for a sales position or any company looking to recruit should contact him.
John helped us to review our sales requirement and recruit two outstanding candidates.
He didn't waste his time with sales tactics and fluff like most recruiters do.
He brings consistent optimism and dedication to sales and recruiting efforts.
He is a great sales recruiter and a very focussed individual.
John recruited him for a sales position at our company, and the experience was very positive.
John would be an example of perseverance for any youngster joining our company as a new sales recruit.
He consistently was the top-performer in our company in recruiting and sales.
John is a proactive recruiter with a wealth of knowledge in solution sales recruitment.
If you want excellent recruiting and sales training, he is your man.
Most of all, he will not lie to his clients or recruits to make the sale and close the hire.
His main focus was full desk recruiting and volume hiring for sales and sales leadership.
John also redesigned the recruiting-sales interface, the recruitment job assignment / fulfillment processes.
His significant energy made him, particularly suited to sales recruitment and he is very much missed.
John recruited him straight out of our company to join his sales team.
John holds many records in sales and recruiting to this day in his organization, even though he has been gone for many years.
Because of his sales excellence, he has been recruited to mentor new employees on numerous occasions.
He readily accepted the responsibility of working both in sales and recruiting.
His approach eliminates the hassle and risk of recruiting your own sales force.
Him flexibility with recruiting and sales makes him a hard employee to let go.
He adapted quickly and rose to the top of the sales and recruiting pool.
His passion for recruiting and sales tactics make him a great closer.
John is a connector of people and an excellent sales recruiter.
John and his recruiting team have showed incredible value in partnering with him to fill his enterprise sales recruitment needs.
His employer has seen an increase in profits and sales since he took his role as a recruiter.
He is responsible for recruiting primarily for sales and did a phenomenal job.
He also has a talent for recruitment, being as he helped to recruit him to the marketing department for sales.
He offered supervisory support and was also available for sales and recruiting efforts.
John ran the recruiting group that supported him in his sales position.
John supported by the sales organization from a recruiting perspective.
His ability to create a bond with almost anyone made him well suited to our recruiting and sales environment.
He has a great blend of recruiting and sales experiences and therefore he "gets it".
John is a top notch sales professional and one of his best recruits.
John helped our company to recruit outstanding sales professionals.
John has recruited high-caliber sales reps for him across two separate companies.
John really understands the technology sales recruiting world as an insider.
John provided recruitment and sales training for himself and colleagues upon commencement of our new roles.
We've used his services both in recruiting and for sales training.
He keeps an open line of contact between recruiters and sales and clients.
He gives his recruiters and sales people the freedom to do our jobs at the highest level.
He quickly came up to speed and ended up being the go to person for sales recruiting.
The person in question had no sales or recruitment before we put him on this course.
He particularly helped us with sales, marketing, recruitment and overall strategy.
There is no doubt in his mind that our sales team would not be as strong as it is today without his help in his recruiting.
John recruited him into his team for an inside sales position and provided excellent guidance and leadership.
John has helped him to recruit several sales reps for his team over aggressive deadlines.
John excelled to inspire the teams he oversaw, which included both sales and recruiting.
Guess that's what makes him been such a persuasive and "resultive" recruiter.
He's a thought leader and expert trainer in the recruiting space for both sales and recruiting.
His leadership, sales expertise, and recruiting background are extremely inspiring and motivating.
John has a solid platform of what it takes to drive all aspects of sales and recruitment.
John gave great knowledge in helping him know where to start his sales within recruitment.
John recruited him into sales fresh out of college and continues to be a valued mentor.
At that time, he has always been a top-performer in the area of sales recruiting.
His ability to recruit and build a sales organization is amongst the best.
He always hit his sales goals and any new employer would be fortunate to recruit him.
He recruited best in class talent and set sales and profit records.
John and his team at our company have found us some great recruits for our sales team.
John provided him an efficient and effective process of finding a new sales recruit.
As a result, he is passionate about what he does, and passionate about getting sales recruitment right for both employer and employee.
During his tenure, he led the recruitment advertising effort in our sales department.
He helped him recruit and build the best sales team possible.
He taught him recruiting for both the private commercial sector, government project recruiting and non-profit recruiting.
He is one of the top sales recruiters in our company and he works hard to get to the top.
John recruited and led a sales team, of, highly resilient and committed sales professionals.
The edge he has over other recruiters is that he genuinely cares about getting to know the candidate, and his after sales follow up is second to none.
His relationship with him was unique in that he handled his recruitment into the organization and later helped him fill several sales positions.
Over the past year and a half he has taught him an incredible amount about recruiting and sales in some very difficult environments.
He flourishes in the recruitment of sales positions, but truly has a gift for finding "superstars" for all of his positions.
His ability to anticipate trends through forecasting ensured that recruitment and sales opportunities were maximised.
He understands and he genuinely wants to help, makes a huge difference from those sales orientated recruiters.
We pursued him for over a year to recruit him into our sales organization, but the wait was worth it.
He successfully recruited many sales personnel to our fast paced, high expectation environment.
He possesses a unique blend of sales and recruiting that allows him to be a solid contributor.
He's moved from an admin here (before his time), up through recruiting into a top sales spot.
He structured a number of sessions which covered the whole recruitment sales cycle.
As a sales professional and recruiter, he is tenacious and competitive by nature.
John recruited him to join him at our company, and although our time together, there was brief, he was key in the immediate transition and centralization of our sales organization.
He has been very successful that the likes of our company and our company recruited him and he blew away his sales targets at both places.
John has worked on several sales recruitment projects for him.
John knows how to recruit, train and enable partners to help drive sales.
Call on him to take advantage of his vast experience within the media, recruitment and sales sectors.
His background in technology sales and recruiting has enabled his success over the years.
John and his sales team were always well respected and trusted by the recruiting staff.
His positive attitude and enthusiasm could make sales and recruiter training exciting.
John's company were hired to train our recruiters and sales personnel.
He kept in constant contact throughout the recruitment process without the hard sales approach.
John brings a dynamic and creative sales orientated approach to recruitment.
Without him as a sales and recruiting partner, the job would not be as exciting and rewarding as it has been thus far.
He is a driven and focused sales person and an outstanding recruiter.
He has recruited, trained, and retained sales talent everywhere he has gone.
He always found candidates who were worthy of serious consideration and we have successfully recruited candidates into his sales team.
We subsequently recruited his sales team: he was a tough, focussed and made sure he got the best.
John understands both the recruiting and sales sides of staffing which is a tremendous asset.
His sales force team is comprised of national guard recruiters.
He sets the standards by which other recruiting firms should follow.
John has proven time and again that is, he is, without question, one of the finest sales recruiters in the business.
He always works in clients' best interest, whether it is sales or recruitment function.
John provided on-site recruitment training to the sales team at our company.
John goes well beyond the typical sales portion of recruiting and works to understand what each party is really looking.
His material is always up to date, fresh and is suited for all levels of experience in sales and recruiting.
In both a recruiting or sales environment, he has the ability to gain people's trust and admiration.
John would add value in any recruitment and sales environment and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
In addition, he was successful in both sales and recruiting fronts as a good mentor should be.
Coming from a tele-sales & recruitment background, he is a natural at dealing with people.
He understands that sales and recruiting activity is the key to a branch's success.
John has a deep understanding of sales, entrepreneurship, and executive recruiting.
He has expert market knowledge and solid sales and recruitment ability.
His niche is the high end of software sales recruiting in the our company area.
John's approach to sales and operations recruitment is an art.