Sales Rep Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Rep Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands the sales process and is able to help his sales reps move through the sales stages more effectively.
With his recent sales experience, he understood the challenges and issues that every sales rep face
John will be a very successful sales rep when he takes the next step in an outside sales position.
John isn't the type of sales rep that makes a big sale and moves on.
John's superior sales efforts made him the top channel sales rep for our company.
Many of his sales reps told him that this was the best sales training they have ever had.
John is passionate about being the very best sales rep he can be.
All of these things are what will make him an awesome sales rep today.
He makes you become a better sales rep just by being around him.
He is one of the most organized and driven outside sales rep.
Our company reps might have gotten the sale and faded away, but not John.
His clients are better off because they have him as their sales rep.
John's experience and intuitive sense of how to push along a sales cycle was often just what a sales rep needed to progress the sale.
Our company, John has a sales system that if it is followed makes his sales reps successful.
He would then mentor the inside sales reps all the way though their first class
John knows how to motivate and get results from his sales reps.
John to any sales rep or organization looking for increased sales production.
John could fairly be described as the "hardest working sales rep in the sales rep business".
If needed, he is in the field with the sales reps helping them with their sales opportunities.
He is one of the only sales reps who would only bring guaranteed sales to the table as he would truly qualify and forecast his pipeline.
John during that time was consistently our number one or two sales reps every month in sales achievement versus quota.
If sales reps use his approach, there is no doubt in his mind that each individual's sales numbers will rise.
He understands the psychology of sales reps which is a key aspect for sales enablement.
John moved from pre-sales to a quota carrying sales rep role.
He is known in our company as the top sales rep, not just because he always goes above and beyond him quota, but also because of his strong and unique approach to sales.
John proved to consistently be one of the top sales reps at our company in sales performance.
John provided focused and "real world" sales training for our new sales reps.
John would be an asset to anyone looking for a junior commercial sales rep or inside sales rep.
He goes out of his way to make certain that him sales reps have the newest and best sales aids (many of which he creates).
His sales team (most of which he hired) has some of the longest sales rep tenures.
He went above and beyond for his sales reps, ensuring we had everything we needed to be successful.
Couple that with his sales experience and ability, and you couldn't really ask for more from a rep.
John understands the sales reps' needs as he has done everything that he asks of his employees.
He provides insight to new sales reps that gives them the foundation to be successful.
John could very well be the benchmark for sales reps in the rapport category.
He goes the extra mile for his sales reps and doesn't take no for an answer.
He is the type of sales rep everyone hopes for, because he truly listens.
He did not have the typical "sales rep's attitude" as most of the others do.
It comes as no surprise that he has become so successful as a sales rep.
In his mind and observation, he was the quintessential sales rep.
All sales reps should have the kind of dedication that he does.
He handles the sales reps and all his other duties incredibly.
Whether firefighter, or sales rep, he puts those in need first.
Himself included - his sales reps want to succeed for him and for themselves, as well as our company.
He instantly became the envy of his peers and someone that new sales reps would turn to for help closing sales or advice.
John would do anything he could go above and beyond for his reps.
He always made himself available even when busy with other sales reps.
Despite being relatively new to software sales, he is now one of the biggest grossing sales reps in the region.
Has been a collaborative partner with himself, his sales leadership team, and his sales reps.
He knows how to engage sales reps and they listen and look up to him for leadership.
Customers loved him and would write to tell him and other sales reps so.
John later followed him to our company where he helped in mentoring new sales reps.
In his time as an inside sales rep, his assigned territories have turned themselves around and become the trendsetters to be emulated within our sales channel.
Andy'was very coachable and with his commitment to solid sales fundamentals he quickly became one of the top sales reps in the company.
His insight into the dynamics of enterprise sales is invaluable regardless of how many years a sales rep has.
He loves to roll up his sleeves and jump into every complex sales situation where his sales rep needs help.
He constantly puts his rep needs before his own, and goes above and beyond to make sure we have all the tools we need to succeed as sales reps.
John is one of his favorite sales reps because he is always learning and adapting.
John valued his inside sales reps and the job they did for him.
It helps him so much in order to understand all the sales process and how to help sales reps.
He also provided full training, as most sales reps were new to both the technology and sales.
He created numerous sales tools for use within the larger sales team and was always willing to volunteer his time to help mentor other sales reps.
He is a passionate sales rep that any growing company would love to have on their sales team.
He is his favorite sales rep, since he always followed up on time and had an instinct for asking the right questions.
It's comforting as a sales rep to know you can go to your boss when you need help and know he will deliver.
He not only encourages and guides you to be a better sales rep, he makes you want to be the best possible.
He never once boasted about it or put himself on a pedestal above any of us that were mostly sales reps.
His sales reps respected him as he inspired others, through his actions, to be the best they could be.
He not only became his top sales rep, but he also took on leadership responsibilities where necessary.
John's strength is getting sales reps to be honest with themselves and face their weaknesses.
He is always at the front of the pack of sales reps- usually because he's super ambitious.
It's him in sight, him perception, and sharpness that separates him from other sales reps.
He has asked this particular sales rep to follow the procedure, but he wasn't doing it.
He can take a sales rep at any level and continue to transform them into a better rep.
John understood, as one of the few sales reps, the message that we wanted simplicity.
John is very responsible and truthful sale rep, always deliver what he promises
His passion for his sales rep's successes is fantastic and certainly appreciated.
He challenged his sales reps to succeed, yet he was always approachable and fair.
It was quickly apparent to him that he is not your run of the mill sales rep.
He has a tenacious approach and he expects the same from him sales reps.
He takes clay in the form of new sales reps and makes them into sellers.
Buyers and sales reps alike, thought he was outstanding in his position.
Not only is he a top tier sales rep, but he's an even better colleague.
He knew when to challenge sales reps, and when to give them some space.
John hired him directly out of college as an entry level sales rep.
As a manager, he ensures that his sales reps use the same approach.
He stays directly involved with all reps to ensure sales success.
His sales reps all have great respect for him and rightfully so.
He is a fantastic sales rep and will excel in anything he does.
John is an awesome sales rep, consistent, savvy and delivers.
John is a top notch sales rep who has always been successful.
John is a first-class sales rep during his time in his group.
Our company sales reps are difficult to come by, but John is definitely one of them, comes with his highest endorsements.
Our company to this day, if someone is looking for an inside sales rep, John mentions his name.
Our company few sales reps left our company under John's leadership.
John closed business for our company sales before he was in the sales role.
During the sales process, he was always there to help him and advocate on his behalf, but never 'pestered' like some sales reps can.
John understands many sales methodologies and is great at exercising them to enhance the sales cycle.
He is very sales focused and are highly trusted and respected by the sales reps that work with him.
John is always available to go out and talk to customers with or without the sales reps he supervised.
John is an excellent communicator which makes him an even better sales rep.
John is very good at helping him grow as a sales rep and to prioritize his sales process.
Within the first year became the number one sales rep on his team.
Chris' dedication to his team of sales reps is to be admired.
He's always going out of his way to help other reps around him so that everyone succeeds.
And besides, he was much speedier at getting back to him than the new rep.
John is always positive and wants only the best for him reps.
He helps his team, his sales reps reach new heights in their sales career.
He always made sure to check in with each rep to motivate us and to ensure we had everything we needed to succeed as sales reps.
With his outstanding competence, he was one of the - if not the - most successful sales reps in our company.
He presented many ideas and was always looking out for our best interest, and in our reps sales success.
John mentored many in his group who has since gone on to become stellar sales reps in their own right.
John in the past has been aligned with several of his previous sales reps in the acquisition groups.
His military background clearly has given him an opportunity to inspire more than just sales reps.
The feedback was strong from reps across the country for which he helped drive sales.
John did work with two of the more challenging reps in our sales force.
He is an excellent inside sales rep with an intrinsic drive to succeed.
He guides while letting the sales rep, choose the course and direction.
He taught many of the sales reps how to listen to the issues at hand.
John is an outstanding persistent and knowledgeable sales rep.
He knows sales, and he knows how to communicate the sales process to those of us who don't.
John also set up processes where the inside sales reps actually booked qualified appointments for the outside sales reps in his region.
He is always attentive to his needs as a traveling sales rep.
He made him believe in his qualities as a sales rep, resulting in excellent sales performance.
John partners with his customers and is not just a sales rep.
He comes from an extensive sales background and it shows via him hard-nosed ability to both ask for a sale and him expertise when advising him reps.
You would see him walking around, chat with all the sales reps about their goals, and get to know them by name.
First, he was a very green sales rep, but was always willing to listen and learn.
Too many reps do this and his vision and diagram of the sales model is strong.
He will do anything to ensure his sales reps hit and surpass their goals.
John has been an inside sales rep assigned to his region for over a year.
Excellent sales rep and accomplished his goals year after year.
He is well liked and respected among his colleagues and the sales reps he supports.
His engagement with our sales reps and channel partners were second to none.
John knows what it takes to help sales reps succeed in the field.
John is extremely responsive to the needs of field sales reps.
He understands that the customer should be speaking more than the sales rep.
John set the pace and was consistently willing to go out of his way to help and encourage the other sales reps to do the same.
He would always go above and beyond for his sales reps and would do whatever it takes to help get deals across the Finish Line
He outperformed almost all of the other sales reps and consistently exceeded quota which was very inspiring.
His sales reps respected him and valued his insight because he was successful too when he was selling.
John's comments prove that he knows how to sell and knows what today's sales reps really need to win.
He challenges his best sales reps to get better, and never settles for mediocre results from anyone.
Combine this with his easy going nature and it makes him a perfect sales rep for any organization.
He came on board and quickly proved himself to be one of the top sales reps in our company.
As his inside sales rep, he has treated him with an uncommon and an unmatched level of esteem.
One where he was a sales rep and the other as a colleague in the marketing organization.
In addition to being the first sales rep, he was consistently one of our top performers.
He gets the stuff done and troubleshoot whatever the insides sales rep has issued on.
With his guidance, his sales reps were a quick powerhouse throughout the organization.