Sales Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has the ability to add value to an organization in many different sales roles and he is the kind of sales rep you want representing your organization.
John's dedicated, driven and methodically determined approach to sales excellence made him one of our top sales representatives.
John has consistently held the good sales each month and he has always been a responsible and dependable sales representative.
John doesn't get his feathers ruffled easily, which makes him, in his opinion, a solid sales and trustworthy sales representative.
Him trainings for sales representatives proved very successful in growing the sales of the company.
He represents the model for what a senior sales representative should be.
John at our company, where he served as the outbound inside sales representative for our healthcare sales team.
John followed through with the territorial sales representative, ensuring the opportunities he found were realized.
His enthusiasm is infectious and his sales representatives thrive on him influence.
His insight and guidance were very valuable to him as a new sales representative.
He acted as a sales representative would far beyond his years of experience.
For five years he was his life touch sales representative extraordinaire.
John represents everything that is required in a sales leadership role.
Hossain is employed by our company as an excellent sales representative.
John represents the best of the best in enterprise software sales.
John represented our company on the sale of a difficult asset.
As a representative, he is extremely smooth at closing the sale.
John has continually brought in more clients that any other sales representatives and was consecutively the top sales representative at the companies he has worked for.
As our sales representative, he was always willing to do whatever was needed to see that we as his customers were happy.
His sales approach became the basis of our sales training material for new representatives.
And his integrity and belief in the services he represents that make him an excellent sales representative.
His willingness to help and ability to connect with new or less talented sales representatives made him an excellent sales mentor.
The John sales team would be lucky to have him represent their company.
John's sales teams consistently out-perform his peers, and under his guidance saw more sales representatives prompted than any other sales team.
He never forgot what it was like to be a sales representative, and he always knew how to motivate a sales team.
He initially reported to him directly as his number one sales representative.
He is an outstanding sales representative and an outstanding human being.
John did a great job representing us in our recent home sale.
Our company's prospects enjoyed the sales process when working with John as their sales representative.
While working at our company, we were both sales representatives in the same district.
His strong background in sales and the way he navigates the sales cycle has made him not only an incredibly effective sales representative but has positioned him as a respected leader.
John understands the sales process and is consistent in making sure that his sales representatives cover the steps which was always a great help in moving the opportunities to sales.
After him class anyone will recognize that they can go forward with a better understanding of how to succeed as an inside sales representative.
In the end adding value very quickly to organizations in his territory and of course the sales organization he is representing.
John's dedication to the sales representatives as well as to the company is evident in all of his contacts with others.
It's obvious he's never just "in it for the sale", but rather believes in what he represents and puts forward.
John quickly became one of his favorite sales representatives, but more importantly, he quickly became his friend.
John recently represented him in what was supposed to be a complicated, difficult sale of his home.
He is observant and proactive in his role as an architectural sales representative.
His great sales background makes him a good representative for any company.
John represents what all sales professionals should strive to become.
He is a very good speaker and a very effective sales representative.
He gives his sales representatives the tools and resources to make things happen.
Resulting in sales that are of the highest value to the company he represents and the clients he serves.
John is not your typical sales representative, he is naturally analytical and inquisitive.
He represents the correct and proper way to do sales in an ever-evolving landscape.
He is always looking for ways to improve his team and make him a better sales representative.
Often, he seems to be more of a team mate than a sales representative.
John is more than a sales representative, he was a partner that we could always count on to look out for our best interest.
He comes across as very polished and engaging without appearing as a slick sales representative.
He is the partner you could always rely on both as a colleague as well as a sales representative.
He's got a great talent that a lot of sales representatives don't have, the ability to make outbound sales with the class and get sales in still at a high rate.
As one of the many sales representatives under him, he always found time for each of us even when his schedule did not permit it.
It is obvious in seeing how he relates to his clients that he is an outstanding sales representative.
And, his relationship with sales representatives was always fair, direct and honest.
We worked together when he was representing his client for a sale.
He would be an asset to any company as channel sales representative or even in a role as a territory or strategic sales.
He went above and beyond to promote a positive and competitive environment for his sales representatives.
His sales background provides great insights into potential employer he's representing.
John represents the perfect role model for success in any sales organisation.
John good example of a great solution oriented sales representative.
These characteristics were also represented in the team members of his sales organization.
He has always had an unofficial leadership role when he was a sales support representative.
John also works extremely well with the sales representatives and dealers under him.
He represented us well and was always prepared with sales strategies that would increase revenues.
John in a very short period of time grew from someone with very little familiarity in sales, to one of our best representatives.
He is an extremely able sales representative and would be an asset to any company willing to listen to his story.
He provides insight into him sales representatives in their effort to successfully close a deal.
We recently completed a sale transaction in which he represented a local investor.
He entered the role as sales representative in grand style and adapted quickly.
John has been an outstanding, driven sales representative from the day he walked in the door.
That commitment could be found throughout him sales and service organization and truly represented its very our company.
He works hard, he works well, and his headstrong sales abilities are something each sales representative here can take something away from.
He is the highest producing sales representative for the entire organization.
John's deep knowledge of the fundamentals of sales is built upon years of success as a contributing sales representative.
Honestly sales training does not really even come close to describing what his methodology represents.
He would certainly be an excellent fit for anyone looking for an experienced hardware sales representative.
As a former inside sales rep himself, he was familiar with our calling technology and could relate well to what our inside sales representatives had to go through.
Unlike some sales representatives, he never pushes customer, but he can always keep the pace with them and deliver the result.
His conduct with customers and sales representatives makes him one of the most admired individuals at our company.
Our sales representatives, without exception, raved about his easy rapport with clients.
He is generally cooperative, reliable and very dedicated sales representative.
He always represents his company well and works as an advocate, even when there is no immediate sales opportunity.
He completely eliminates the stereotype that many people have about car sales representatives.
He is the type of salesman you'd want representing your company because of his personality.
John represented our company in an asset sale, which included our intellectual property.
He is an excellent team player and represented our company well in his sales position.
John agreed to take on a difficult business to represent for sale.
What makes him different than the average sales rep is his passion about his work and the company he represents.
He has your back and acted like his sales page represents his work and so he expects the best and nothing less.
He has paved his own sales leadership, career by his action and will do well in any company he represents.
He really cares about his sales representatives and it shows with how much dedication he has to his work.
He works to match offerings with needs and that is what an outstanding sales representative does.
During the time he worked for him, he was a very consistent and diligent sales representative.
John represents his company well and is a sales and marketing pro.
His love of sales and commitment to sales professionals represents the best in our industry.
John represents the new world of sales; he truly gets integrated media.
John represented that corporate leadership that made our sales organization successful.
He does a tremendous job of mentoring and motivating his sales representatives.
John recognizes one of the best sales representatives year on year - which shows how amazingly he does his job.
His goal of becoming a world-class sales representative will be achieved because he wants it so bad.
Our company sales representatives were drawn to John and looked to him as a role model.
John served as an our company / our company sales representative and did a great job.
This is the foundation of any sales role, and will serve him well in whatever product he is representing.
His dedication to representing our products really helped our sales efforts.
His efforts as an inside sales representative built a great base of satisfied customers all while increasing our sales reach.
He always represented our interests while communicating throughout the sales process.
He serves as a model for many of our sales professionals representing what they seek to be in their sales careers.
He believes strongly in the organization he represents and that passion is demonstrated in his sales presentations.
John can be very valuable to any organization as a representative and key member of the sales area.
He routinely made valuable presentations, and worked closed with his sales representatives.
John provided great "high touch" sales support for the company that he represents.
John possesses the rare qualities of a truly outstanding sales representative.
Him sales background gave him instant credibility, and the sales team embraced him immediately and trusted him to represent their needs.
Additionally, he is flexible and adapt to the circumstances around him making him a highly valued sales representative.
During our company he grew from a recent college graduate to a tenured sales representative.
We got time with a sales representative and immediately signed up for our company.
John represents the best of what a company can hope for in a sales professional.
He brings a professionalism you don't find often in, a sales representative.
He relates so well to buyers needs that he will help his sales representatives win deals that they would otherwise would not.
He hit every sales representative promotion he could in his first few months in the business.
He emulates the true meaning of time management and is an example to all those eager sales representatives wishing to be the next top sales representative within their organization.
John is extremely enthusiastic when looking at opportunities for sales growth - for both the company he represents and his customers.
John went above and beyond being just a sales representative as he participated in numerous calls and emails to his clients.
As a sales representative, he serves his customers by focusing on their needs, he does this by going the extra mile.
His ability to create opportunities, follow through with his customer made him and excellent sales representative.
His leadership style allows for growth and creativity that is a sales representative's dream.
Our company focused on customer requirements, John is a highly recommendable sales representative.
Having just over one year of inside sales experience, he was instrumental in his development as a successful outside sales representative.
John is an outstanding sales representative, his personality is infectious and he brings great energy to each and every sales cycle.
He really looks out for the best interest of those that he represents, which is one of the marks of a top sales person.
He's extremely likeable and is exactly the type of person you would want to have representing your sales organization.
He connected all of the sales representatives in our region with such grace and always motivated us to never give up.
He always provided great ideas and did a wonderful job representing the sales department.
We would recommend him as a good sales person to represent any company.
If you are looking for a hunter sales representative, he has the ability and energy to break rocks.
John is a creative thinker and he is the type of sales representative that looks out for what's best for the customer.
Whether working with the press or presenting to sales representatives, he is totally at ease.
John represents an excellent combination of technical acumen with sales sensitivity.
His dedication, persistence and attention to detail have resulted in greater sales than any other inside sales representative has been able to achieve in his region.
John took time with each sales representative to identify their weaknesses and build on their strengths as individuals.
The extra dimension of having him present on the call brought depth to the company and the sales representative
John's passion and positive attitude towards work distinguishes him as an exceptional sales representative.
He puts great enthusiasm and passion into his work, his sales representatives and product/services.
John exudes professionalism and represents what enterprise sales engagement looks like.
John is a driven sales representative who continually strives for knowledge and success.
John gave him the opportunity to join his company and work as a sales representative.
John worked closely with him to help increase sales and profits for those our company categories he represented.