Sales Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The John young salesperson who understands all the finesses of sales.
John was always available to help with a sale or to answer questions.
John is the best kind of sales representative you can find.
Together we were able to successfully commercialize a new product that benefited both companies.
Extremely efficient and excellent customer service skills.
John has developed a unique product and service offering.
John has excellent sales, service and marketing skills.
If you're a sales superstar, go work with him.
We thought the outline worked, but were struggling to describe why it worked.
He is thoughtful, hard working and a good leader.
If you don't keep up with this guy, you'll be left in the dust.
He was fair in negotiations, a pleasure to work with and a really good guy.
He has a proven record in sales.
He is very good in work with requirements.
He is an absolute joy to work with.
He has been an absolute joy to work with.
He's also an absolute joy to work with.
If you have not attended this course he offers then you should definitely be looking into it.
John is a brilliant salesman, among the best sales representative I have worked with during my career.
I had thought that I could have potentially worked with him from the first moment.
He is a good leader, available to advise and help at any given moment.
If you haven't worked with him yet, you're behind the curve.
If you want to know what a thought leader really is and does, your search stops with John.
If I had a sales role going, he would be at the top of my list.
He was also a tough negotiator.
He never stopped checking in with me and offering guidance.
At first when I came into a sales environment I was very nervous about what to do and what not to do.
He is a superb sales leader.
He is very thoughtful and easy to work with.
He would be an asset to any sales organization.
If you're going to hire someone, make sure they're good, but especially make sure they're fun to work with.
At the same time he is a good team player and a good negotiator.
I wished I would work with him forever.
He is an absolute joy to work with as well.
Some of my most fun and fulfilling moments were working with John.
He is a good negotiator.
He is a passionate salesman.
If you get a chance to work with him, pick up the offer.
He is thoughtful and conscientious, and would be a good addition.
He definitely left us better when he left to pursue his next adventure.
He's absolutely somebody I would want to work with again.
I would recommend this course to anyone working in sales even those how have been doing it a while.
He is recently a published author.
He is absolutely fantastic to work with.
He was an absolute joy to work with.
I worked with him on many sales opportunities.
We will absolutely work with him in the future.
I never think of him as a "sales representative".
He is always willing to adjust to your wishes and without him our corporation wouldn't have worked.
John uses his skills to influence our sales staff to become innovative in their sales techniques.
He has the ability to understand what sales skills make you unique and then finds companies that match your skills set.
John has a unique capability in that he not only has superb "tech" skills, but also great sales and leadership skills.
John also has excellent pre sales skills, and has been fundamental in a large number of successful sales.
John possesses the advanced sales skills to successfully navigate and win a complex sale.
John provides the kinds of skills that all sales people know they should have but many often don't.
He combined great people skills with great sales skills, and an infectious drive.
John's sales presentation skills are outstanding, and he is adept at both handling objections and closing the sale.
He has amazing sales skills and would recommend anyone who wants to hire him, and would say look no further to any other candidate.
His selling skills were beyond what you would expect for being new to the sales world and only got better.
Intelligent and hardworking, he possesses all the necessary skills to succeed in any sales environment.
He is skilled with all stages of the sale and views sales as an art that he has mastered.
His technical skills, sales skills and social networking skills are second to none.
John's sales skills are exceptional and his focus on continuous improvement kept him at the top of the sales organization
With his remarkable skill and years succeed of teaching, he has indeed turned around many ordinary sales to better sales.
John possesses the set of sales skills that have resulted in his ability to exceed his sales goals.
John always drives to succeed in everything he does and this shows through in his overall sales skills.
This just goes to tell him skill and appetite for sales has been demonstrated and recognized.
John ever amazes him with his knowledge and skill when it comes to inside sales.
From his past, he has strong sales skills and knows how to drive pipeline.
Great sales skills and knows how to impart that upon people around him.
His sales and leadership skills will take him very far in his career.
His people skills are second to none and he understands sales cycles.
His negotiation skills and persistence is a must for anyone in sales.
Flowing on from this, his sales skills & mentoring is top shelf.
He's conceptually quite sound and has excellent sales skills.
His motivational and sales leadership skills are unsurpassed.
His innovative, communicates well with sales reps and sales leadership, and helped our sales force improve their skills to tell our story.
He brings many years of great sales experience and success to anyone who wished to improve their skills in sales.
He has strong sales skills and a great deal of tenacity when it comes to pursuing sales opportunities
He's an organized sales professional with excellent listening skills and sales acumen.
His impressive language skills are not so far away from his sales capabilities.
John has strong sales skills, which was exactly why he was chosen for the job.
He is always trying to learn new techniques to perfect his sales skills.
As well, his training in sales styles has helped many in our organization to improve their sales skills.
His listening skills along with his very down-to-earth sales skills were very instrumental to achieve and exceed his targets.
John's sales skill's are phenomenal - a real expert in the "dark art" of sales.
His skills in networking and sales are far beyond what you should expect.
His client relationship, sales skills and negotiation skills were first class.
His highly effective sales seminar is applicable to sales people of any skill level.
His sales and new partner acquisition skills are particularly noteworthy.
He has strong technical skills and superior sales and presentation skills.
John has excellent people skills, sales skills and a great telephone approach.
It didn't take long for us to become friends, and it took even less time for him to be impressed with his sales skills.
His background was in sales where he proved himself as one of the best, but his skill set goes way beyond that now.
He certainly has the sales skills that are necessary to move opportunities from prospect to closed.
He's got excellent sales skills and was always able to help him to ask questions more effectively.
John's skills are very well suited for taking complex sales organizations to the next level.
John sets the example and has always demonstrated exceptional sales and leadership skills.
He later expanded his skills set by becoming one of the best sales reps in our organization.
It's rare to come across someone in sales with his depth and breadth of skills and ability.
John impressed him with his instinctual sales abilities as well as organizational skills.
They were also great as a refresher for his sales skills and to get himself back on track.
John balances his sales skills such that the close is successful more often than not.
His sales skills were excellent and at times you did not realize that he was selling.
John's interpersonal skills are excellent, and his sales technique is second to none.
John covers all the bases in both his managerial duties as well as his sales skills.
It is his pleasure to recommend him, to those seeking his sales guidance and skills.
He is very focused and has great sales skills, partly because he is so likeable.
His sales skills are outstanding which has allowed him to be extremely successful.
His never ending quest to improve his sales skills has been an inspiration to him.
The techniques and methods he taught became the foundations of his sales skills.
In particular, he was skilled at leveraging partnerships to move sales forward.
His sales skills were amazing and his advice has been always critical to his success.
He also can use his solid sales skills to open doors where many others cannot.
John has excellent sales skills and is constantly striving for improvement.
He impressed him with his maturity, can-do attitude, and natural sales skills.
From day one he wasn't afraid to ask questions to enhance his sales skills.
By the way: he saw his sales skills and helped him to achieve that potential.
In addition, he has the follow up skills of the best sales rep out there.
His maturity and natural sales skills make him excellent at what he does.
In addition, his sales skills are excellent, and he overachieves easily.
His dedication when combined with his skill built value and drove sales.
John comes out as an astute sales man with excellent interpersonal skills.
John brings to any sales organization tremendous leadership skills.
Turning ideas into ready-to-sale concepts is one of his strongest skills.
His sales skills are uniquely sharp because of this listening ability.
His passion, entrepreneurial attitude and sales skills are exceptional.
John won hearts and minds thanks to his honesty and his sales skills.
His superior sales and leadership skills are at the top of the scale.
John's skill set makes him an ideal candidate for any sales position.
He sets sales objectives and pursues them with discipline and skill.
His key strengths are sales, interpersonal and organizational skills.
His sales skills are very impressive, he can basically sell anything.
Manages his sales force with skill, and proactively solves problems.
His selling skill is proven from the sales numbers that he achieved.
He dedicated so much of his time helping him improve his sales skills.
He possesses advanced sales skills and knows how to close the deal.
John solid sales skills, and never pushy or offensive in his style.
John is very committed to results and shows strong sales skills.
Committed and efficient and strong sales skills are his key values.
He possessed obvious sales, organisational and management skills.
Him sales skills transitioned perfectly into this enormous role.
John possesses an intricate skill set for sales and prospecting.
He possesses strong sales skills and is an excellent influencer.
His sales skills and experience is extremely polished and deep.
Work with him was a great experience to improve his sales skills.
John has got a tremendous amount of sales skills and know how.
His sales skill is good enough to face any kinds of challenge.
To further advance his skills, he moved them to a sales role.
His attention to detail and sales skills was second to none.