Sales Support Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always willing to go above and beyond to support his sales team as well as the company.
He was always responsive to the needs of the sales team he supported.
John provided substantial back end support for the sales team.
He and his team have been professional from pre-sales through to after sales support.
John has provided my organization excellent sales, but also after sales support above and beyond what his job description expects of him.
He goes above and beyond him sales support role to make sure clients and sales people get the attention they need.
John was an ace in sales and considered always as someone who would require the minimum of support.
John has also proven flexibility by taking on different sales roles to best support the company.
John has consistently hit sales targets and supported those around him to do the same.
I enjoyed supporting him and would recommend him for any sales position with any company.
I would recommend him to support you in a sales opportunity without hesitation.
John's support post sales has been extremely good and that makes him unique.
John brings outstanding capabilities to the role of inside sales support.
He takes initiative and was very supportive of our overall sales strategy.
Beyond that, he is an impressive sales leader who is always supportive.
His ideas and commitment definitely helped support our sales efforts.
He was willing to support me in both pre and post sales activities.
We met and excelled our sales targets monthly with his support.
I have been supporting his activities in the pre-sales phase.
Thanks for being such a great support during my sales stint at our company.
He also helped support our sales team whenever asked and added value to many of my sales engagements.
His pre-sales and post-sales support of the product were fantastic.
I have been closely associated with him in the sales support function since his joining.
He provided sales support, customer relationships, problem resolution and technical sales support.
John was also very willing to support all of his peers on sales pursuits as well as making sure we had the support needed throughout the rest of the company to be successful.
John has been very supportive of the sales team and is very self motivated.
He was always supportive in all our initiatives and help us drive our sales to the next level.
He has always supported me and taught me the necessary things to be a successful sales rep.
He then delivers on time and backs up the sale with support to make sure you're satisfied.
During that time he helped to support my sales efforts both directly and indirectly.
I could not have advanced my sales career during this period without his support.
He goes way beyond sales to offer the support his clients need to be successful.
He definitely won me over with his willingness to support a sales cycle.
John supported my group along with the entire sales organization.
He also is proficient on the sales support side of the house.
I supported him from a pre sales perspective in many successful sales campaigns and enjoyed the support and team contribution we shared.
He was also very supportive of all sales efforts and provided excellent support throughout the entire time we worked together.
John is professional in the field of sales, sales support and leadership.
He not only blends compassion and commitment in his dealings with his sales team, but also to those supporting the sales efforts.
I enjoyed working with him and he was always supportive in my sales efforts.
He is responsive to all sales rep needs and thinks of innovative ways to support sales initiatives.
In my time with him, his primary role was to support the sales effort with sales tools, strategic insights, and moral support.
I have worked with for some months now with him supporting my team as a sales specialist.
John always went above and beyond his duties to provide our sales organisation with great support.
John's desire to support and help his sales people succeed was very apparent.
He was always available for sales support and prepared his messaging well.
John always led by example and consistently made himself available in supporting his sales team.
He really became one of my two "go-to guys" within the sales support team.
He goes the extra mile when it comes to supporting his sales team.
His team supported my sales efforts and they were indispensable.
John role was outside sales and he was inside so together we could support the region effectively.
John was always positive and continually supportive of his sales personnel and our efforts.
His contribution strengthened our sales capabilities and provided collegial support to those around him.
He was supportive, provided great insight and advice to help with sales opportunities that had stalled.
John always provided me with the right support when dealing with critical pre/post sales escalations.
John supports our demandgen and sales effort as the first point of contact for all of our inquiries.
For instance, he donates all the proceeds from sales of his songs to charities he supports.
He also ensured that any post-sale support from his companies exceeded our expectations.
He also often provides in-the-moment support to help progress and win a complex sale.
We moved him into a sales support position where he excelled beyond expectations.