Sales Team Leader Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Team Leader Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John and his team have become and integral part of our extended sales team.
A truly inspirational sales leader both in and out of work who demanded nothing but excellence from his team.
As a team leader, he worked by example and helped other teams to success.
John is a great leader for not only his direct team, but also with extended team members such as the campaigns team.
John is an inspiring leader for his team and the teams associated.
John is an insightful leader, who understands how to help sales teams stay focused through the sales process.
He is great at identifying leaders and assembling great teams around those leaders.
John is a sales leader who empowers his team members, and creates an environment for his team members to be successful in their roles.
John is a fantastic team leader who continuously grooms his team members to handle any potential sales challenges.
He is very dedicated and always goes above and beyond for his sales team and hotels.
He has always gone out of his way to help the sales team and the John branch.
He was always there with the team, and bringing sales to the hotel.
Our whole team always agreed that he was "the least sales-y sales guy you could ever meet", in the best way possible.
He was always one of the top sales reps annually and he would be a very valuable addition to any sales team.
He has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset to our sales organization and to my sales team.
He taught our sales team that there is a science and methodology for effective sales.
He has matured into a great sales rep who will be an asset to any sales team.
His ability to take on challenges and understand the needs of the sales team, made him a most valuable player to the team.
John has gone on to run numerous sales teams and achieved some great results individually and within his teams.
His ability to create an environment of teaming and collaboration within the sales team, was proof of this.
John has the ability to inspire his sales team, and as a team, we were able to deliver immediate results.
John would be a great addition to any sales team looking for an energetic, hardworking team player.
John is a tenacious and energetic team player and would be as strong addition to any sales team.
John was a valuable asset to our sales team and made the rest of the team better.
He is a team player, helpful and bright and will be missed by the sales team at our company.
John was an extremely personable, motivating leader for our sales team.
John is a high energy sales leader who drives the right behaviors from his sales team.
He knows how to motivate the sales team and works to make sure the entire team is successful.
John is a dynamic sales leader who uses out-of-the box thinking to ignite excitement and drive results in his sales team.
He is a sales leader and would be a tremendous asset for any sales team interested increasing revenue.
John is one of the reasons why my team has been very successful in acquiring content for our sales teams.
He is a team player and always ready to work with the pre-sales / solutions team for the success of the sale.
John is a great sales team leader and truly knows how to motivate and get the best of his team and colleagues who work closely with him.
He is a leader for the rest of the sales team by his team attitude and desire to make every step better in the process.
John is a tenacious sales leader who demands and gets the best from his team and the people around him.
He understands how to build and drive sales teams and overall an outstanding leader.
John is a people-first sales leader treating all team members with respect.
John is an experienced sales leader, team builder and a strong motivator.
He contributes to the broader sales team by creating reusable sales material.
As a member of our sales team and wider sales organisation, he was well liked and respected, interacting effectively with all members of the team.
Under his leadership the team excelled into the highest producing sales team.
His commitment to building a great sales team made my job as a sales leader much easier.
Not only did he build an amazing sales team, but he also leads our sales team to overachieve on our quota.
I cannot begin to explain the value he has added to my way of doing sales, to our sales team and to our company in general.
And, he's always willing to share his experience within the sales team.
The John sales team that has him as part of it is very fortunate.
He is a phenomenal sales leader who knows how to get the most out of his employees.
John is one of the best sales leaders out there who is able to drive results.
John is one of the most talented and thoughtful leaders in sales.
John was the kind of first-among-equals team leader you want in your corner.
John was the sales head providing leadership to the sales team globally.
He also is experienced in many different sales methodologies and processes and would be a great leader or catalyst on any sales closing team.
He's a fierce sales leader who knows how to take sales teams to the top and create a culture that makes everyone feel special.
John is such a well respected executive leader and leader of leaders.
John was a dynamic sales leader who was creative, effective and excellent at motivating his organization and sales team.
John is a remarkable sales leader, and any company would be fortunate to have him as part of their team.
His team is consistently the sales and profitability leader and his track record cannot be matched.
John will always be a performance leader on any sales team and is easy to recommend highly.
John quickly established himself as both a star performer and leader on the sales team.
He's a great leader and helps his sales teams perform to the best of their abilities.