Sales Trainer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sales Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's an experienced sales trainer as well as sales reps, which gives him the valuable ability to really understand sales training from the learner's perspective.
John is a fantastic sales trainer, he gives the best advice on how to overcome any fears or concerns that you may have about starting in sales.
His company hired him to be a sales trainer and keynote speaker for our annual sales conference.
Too humble to be sales trainer, but teaches through his example.
John is such an inspiring sales trainer that he can make you feel as if selling is your second nature.
He is not the least expensive sales trainer, but he is without a doubt the most effective.
It was a collaboration that was not lost on him as a former sales trainer.
As a sales trainer, he has carried this thoroughness to new levels.
John helped him tremendously to prepare for role as a sales trainer
John is a sales speaker and trainer who flies below the radar.
Our company, homely but blunt where need-be, John is the ideal sales trainer.
John's success in sales and positive attitude ultimately led him to be promoted as a sales trainer.
He is definitely a visionary thinker and a trainer's trainer.
John provides brilliant sales advice, as well as being an engaging trainer and speaker.
John very well may be the best sales trainer there is in our market, period.
He puts others first before himself and is an incredible role model and sales trainer.
John is truly easy to learn from and he has been a remarkable sales trainer.
That, coupled with his extensive sales experience, is what makes him such an awesome and effective trainer.
In his opinion, he is one of the top sales prospecting trainers you will ever hire for your company.
A great sales trainer who displayed that he can practice what he preaches.
He proved to be an excellent organizer and very good, sales force trainer.
He is a passionate sales trainer which shows his excellence in his craft.
John is an extremely effective trainer of sales professionals.
He is not only a great sales guy, but an equally good trainer.
John is an outstanding trainer on almost any sales topic, but he is exceptional with our company.
A few years ago, he won our company sales trainer of the year.
He is an excellent sales trainer who knows how to support his employees while also driving them toward autonomous sales success.
Working with him challenged us all to become better trainers and facilitators.
His style of engaging his audience makes him stand out from the rest of sales trainers.
He's the best sales trainer that we've ever worked with on a consistent basis.
As a sales trainer and motivational speaker, he is the "cream of the crop".
John is an exceptional sales trainer, motivator and communicator.
And as one of his trainers for the our company, he explained topics clearly and was a very competent trainer.
He is not your average sales trainer, however, because he is an active and accomplished salesman at the same time.
Zig inspired him to become a top salesman and later a very well paid sales trainer.
One asset he has is a past and a long sales success story that many trainers lack.
He is a strong sales trainer who is dedicated to achieving the desired results.
Johns staying power as a world class sales trainer is second to none.
John also has served in the capacity of a sales trainer, being able to understand his audience and relating to all levels of the sales organization.
John's knowledge of traditional and nontraditional selling techniques and sales methodology is his key differentiator from other sales trainers.
John is truly the ultimate sales trainer because of his knowledge and incorruptible believe in what he teaches.
He is a wonderful sales trainer and has a unique ability to observe the sales process and make improvements.
John would be an invaluable asset to any organization, whether it be as an employee or contracted sales trainer.
He is one of the best trainers in Egypt at that time indeed he was the best.
John is an excellent trainer and he is always well prepared in his subject.
What sets him apart from other trainers is his use of humour and fun.
He is always encouraging growth and is an incredible trainer.
John is his trainer to prepare the our company certification.
John's ability to tie real world sales experience and application into results is why he is one of the top sales speakers and trainers.
He also helped pioneer an online sales chat that brought together a group of top sales pros and trainers.
His sales instincts made him an incredible informal sales trainer within his office and throughout the company.
His experience in sales and marketing, differentiate himself as a trainer.
He is a consummate sales professional, and an engaging trainer.
John is a trainer with a lot of practical knowledge about sales.
Our company in his career our paths diverged and John became a sales trainer.
He is so great in his position that he was promoted to a regional sales trainer.
As a sales trainer, he was always engaging and effective communicator.
He is able to combine the three roles so effectively that he was promoted to multichannel sales trainer.
John teaches sales and is a full-fledged trainer and is passionate about this.
John made a massive impact to our company when he joined as the regional sales trainer.
Him trainers are upbeat and motivating and certainly know what they are doing.
His motivational ability is second to none & he's an exceptional trainer.
The managers we have in our company and one of the best motivational trainer with us.
As a sales trainer, it's his job to find new ways to explain how sales people can achieve their full potential.
We trusted him to take care of the sale for us and he did that magnificently.
John is a fantastic sales trainer, he has the ability to motivate, guide, mentor and ignite passion for the sales process, expert in the psychology of the sale.
You will always have the most up-to-date techniques presented in the most engaging manner when you have him as a sales trainer.
A true sales guru and probably the best trainer in his field nationally and internationally.
John's hands-on mentoring makes his services much more valuable than sales 'trainers'.
His demos and sales presentations are first rate, and he is a great mentor and trainer.
John is a very experienced sales trainer and he knows how to quickly adapt his sessions to the needs of each company he advises.
Finally, what makes him unique as a sales trainer is the fact he's very competitive and a strong salesman.
John allowed his sales team to sell their way by following the sales program.
He is not one of those cheesy sales-type trainers, he trains you with deep commitment.
John is a remarkably effective communicator and expert sales trainer.
John is a gifted presenter and sales trainer who has a very effective and unique approach to sales training.