Sap Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sap Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a project manager, he has always been tenacious and willing to help others while managing the teams and tasks required to complete his projects.
John's dedication to managing his team of project managers is amazing.
He is an extremely recommended data project manager who is able to manage the various constrains within a project to meet project deadline and deliverable.
He had managed many larger projects in scope and budget, but he was the executive leader for these projects, not a project manager.
I highly recommend him as a project manager for successful project delivery.
He was the lead programmer and project manager for this project.
He was project managing some high profile deployments and he was all over every aspect of his multiple projects.
John is particularly confident when managing projects and teams.
His expertise in project management is very valuable and help him get the respect of his team and managers.
And as a manager, whether it be in the area of project management or personnel management, he is definitely an excellent leader.
John is an extraordinary project manager who strives to deliver successful projects that are on budget and on time.
I have worked with him on numerous projects and activities, and he has proved to be quite the effective project manager.
Now he has grown in the industry as a project manager, who can well manage the team & project.
I was lucky to share projects with him on several different team projects over the years.
He keeps his energy up through the most sapping of projects - which makes it a pleasure for those around him.
John managed the majority of our projects when working at televista and he was very detailed and kept all the projects on track.
He is clearly one of the best and brightest project managers in the field.
He is able to manage several projects and dedicate the best resources to the tasks required by each project.
John was managing many projects with short timelines, but always made himself available for our team.
He keeps the project on track while managing many different teams within and outside of the company.
I found him to be always courteous and willing to help his project teams, colleagues and managers.
John knows how to manage his projects and do what it takes to get results for the team.
John is an excellent project manager who knows how to get results from his team.
He excelled when managing various projects and initiatives within the team.
John managed those projects well with excellent collaboration among teams.
He manages projects and his team well getting assignments completed.
John is very effective at project management and team leadership.
He has used to manage project teams with very successful results.
He has broad project management and process management experience.
His past experience in managing game project has been a great addition to help organize projects.
One of his strengths as a project manager is that he believes in macro management and always gives the project team sufficient flexibility and independence, while keeping the overall project deliverables in mind.
Fantastic project manager, ensured that he delivered some of the toughest projects within limited duration of time and shared resources from multiple projects.
John has always had an artistic way of looking at him projects.
He is a true project/ delivery manager and handles complex project scenarios with ease.
He has always been willing to help and still manages to keep his own team and projects on task and successfully.
His competence in managing our team's projects and top management's expectations is unquestionable.
John is meticulous with project tracking and ensuring everyone in the project team knows what and when things are required.
I would assign or add him to any project team, as he would enhance the success of any project.
John's ability to communicate and manage people make him an excellent project manager.
He always managed to maintain a very good relationship with the project management team in charge of the projects he sold.
I really appreciated his dedication to managing the project in order to get the best result.
John did an excellent job managing his projects as well as his teams.
John leads through example, managing projects through excellent teamwork.
John has outstanding knowledge of project management where he can take that knowledge and use it in the practical application of project management.
We continued this relationship outside of the company with him serving as project manager over several freelance projects we shared.
John was so much more than a project manager - he was one of our key go-to leaders.
His contribution on the toolchain of our project as well as firefighting on other projects is invaluable.
I'm very much looking forward to more successful projects with him and his team.
Basically, he is on your team from the very start to the end of the project.
He and his team go above and beyond to make sure projects are successful.
I would be the first to welcome him to any project, team or company.
I only wish we had him on the team at the start of our project.
He makes sensible comments and observations and is more than capable of managing projects and teams.
He is exceptional at managing teams and projects, even when things are going completely wrong.
He is an empowering manager, allowing his team to take on and own new projects and initiatives.
He was very dedicated and involved in the projects and was better at team management.
I was very pleased by the project management discipline he brought to the team.
Over the years he has managed teams and projects with unmatched dedication.
He managed project and team with all the expertise and in friendly nature.
Also, he has brought excellent leadership to the project management team.