School Counselor Performance Review Phrases Examples

School Counselor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He took school seriously, but also got along very well with everyone in our section.
He made all of us want to do well for the school, for him and for ourselves.
He went out of his way to get this done for the school and with others.
And he can do it while also asking how your kids are doing in school.
John or someone like him should be in every school in the country.
Fortunately for him this was his first position out of school.
He always goes above and beyond for the students and the school.
His daughter went from not wanting to be in school to loving school every day.
He is also clearly passionate about doing the best he could for the school and his pupils.
Working with him was like being back in high school with the best and the brightest.
John is old school - if he tells you he is going to do something - it gets done.
He's old school in that way, but don't let that make you think his ideas are stale.
He did all of this while still going to school to earn one of his many degrees.
You have to know in his school days he was definitely most likely to succeed.
John took it upon himself to help out with the few school clubs that we had.
Similar to school, he gives it his all when going through an intense ride.
Outside of school, he is someone that can be depended on whenever needed.
His roots are old-school, though he never took himself too seriously.
He did so well, we invited him back on several other school breaks.
John has been Rockin' it old school since way back in the day.
You cannot go to school for what he possesses between his ears.
And this is while he's also going to school to get a doctorate.
His classes were one of the definitely sought after in school.
He is fresh out of school, but you would have never known it.
Sadly for us, he returned to school at the end of the summer.
Thank you for all you did for him in his early years at school.
John always has the school and his students in his best interest.
He comes through for students, our school, and the profession.
He can teach you things that you had never heard about them in your school.
He reached out to help anyone he could, and seemed to be friends with the entire school.
John is very helpful to us and we are very grateful that he came to visit our school.
He is reluctant to go, but afterwards he told him that it was much funnier than school.
At school, throughout he was one of the brightest, but still very modest in his nature.
John wouldn't be for you if you want serious, old-school classical piano lessons.
John & he studied in school together and have known each other for years now.
We are very pleased about the strong contribution he has made to our school.
Now our daughter can look at more challenging schools because of his scores.
He has even gone as far as created a new school that he actually also ran.
He doesn't just excel in the workplace, but also in his school and running.
Words that he used to encourage him throughout school still resonate today.
John's efforts have certainly contributed to the success of the school.
He is exemplary of what he does and realizes that every school is unique.
Wishing him all the very best for the 'back to school' phase of his life.
This wasn't his first time to golf school, but it certainly was the best.
He still maintains the spark he had while we were in school together.
We and the other schools, he has served have been so lucky to have him.
Thank you, his daughter will miss it heaps when he leaves for school.
He has been cordial, friendly to him and others during school days.
John is passionate and dedicated in all his school commitments.
He helped make that group fun to be with in and out of school.
John treated everyone well in grade school, and still does so now.
The courses taught by him are the very best offered at the school.
For being just out of school, he seeks to be wise not just smart.
It is easy to forget that he is so young and just out of school.
John as provided guidance during his transition into law school.
His leadership was vital for getting the school up and running.
Right from his school days he doesn't believe in coming second.
He created it from concept to completion while still in school.
It was such a pleasure being in school with him for four years.
He is very determined and focused right from the school days.
Since his school days, he was known to be an excellent orator.
His commitment to those children and the school is remarkable.
His vision is reverent of the past and schooled in the modern.
It's little wonder that letters from the school bear his name.
Our school is still buzzing with the excitement of his visit.
John's ideas and aptitude are both new-school and restorative.
We begged him not to go to grad school, but could not prevail.
John is one of those 'old school' improvisers that we revere.
His understanding of our company is superb, and for him it was the best possible "school".
When he first came to our company he was straight out of school and very green.
Our company with all three Cupertino schools are very competitive to get.
Our company to John for his outstanding guidance to our school.
John very effectively connected with middle school and high school students.
He speaks at both high schools and colleges and is frequently requested back by these schools.