School Principal Performance Review Phrases Examples

School Principal Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Within the time he was principal he brought about positive changes to the school.
In addition, he was the first principal to create his school's own app.
He went above and beyond in trying to help out his schools and do right by them as well as right by the company.
This was all the more impressive as he was also in school much of the time.
John comes across as a man with principals and an uncompromising attitude towards those principals.
He is unwavering in his principals of always been the best at anything he does.
John also was one of his favorite people to be around at school.
He combines old school experience with new school vision effectively and uniquely.
He has achieved what he set out to do when he was just in middle school.
John always had and excited and positive attitude while at school.
John's experience and schooling make him an excellent candidate.
John would make an excellent addition to any school or company.
John stepped into his Sightline while still in graduate school.
He always takes time to help him with school, or his studies.
John is one of his school friends, he has always been creative.
He is passionate and nothing can attract him to do something that he does not like or principally accept.
He stood on principals even when those around him would have liked to have taken "easier" roads.
He also knows how to apply these principals within the real world.
John always seems to have adopted the principal of 'givers gain'.
His dedication, commitment and principals are above reproach.
John joined us as an our company principal trainer/consultant.