School Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

School Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only that, he was also a brilliant and dedicated teacher here at our school.
John is not only the owner, but also a teacher at the school.
He speaks up eloquently for schools, teachers and most of all, children.
He exuded energy and enthusiasm whenever we came together as middle school and high school teachers.
Without a doubt he was one of his favorite teachers during his time at that school.
During his stay at this school he has been equally liked by his teachers as well as fellow students.
His commitment to the school, teachers, students and grads is above all.
He started the school and demonstrated that he also knows how to administer a school effectively with teachers and students.
All things considered, no teacher in the school made a larger impression on him than he did.
If he were a teacher in a school or university, he'd definitely be a favorite.
John would be your favourite teacher from high school: tough, fair and fun.
Jamming is also well-liked among the teachers and he is often given opportunities to represent the school for competition.
He is very helpful in school as well as an inspiration to the teachers he works with.
He is a wonderful teacher who is old school- he actually cares about his students.
Because he is a veteran high school teacher, he is realistic about what happens in the classroom.
When he graduated from high school, he went on to earn a degree and teacher certification.
His personal impact likely took his grade school teachers by storm.
Almost two decades of experience as a teacher in his own high school classroom provides valuable insight into the reality of being a teacher.
His highly involvement in after-class discussions with his students makes him the most popular teacher in our school.
Our son plays the violin and the school recommended we get him a private teacher.
He did a fantastic job at the school, becoming one of their most respected and longest tenured teachers.