Scrum Master Performance Review Phrases Examples

Scrum Master Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the example of what every scrum master should aspire to be.
Undaunted by its complexity, he gets it, masters it, and is using it before most of us even know it's out there.
John seems to master that which he is passionate about, yet always looking for the next challenge.
John is not only passionate about what he does, but he has mastered his profession.
I'm sure he can master anything interesting enough to make him passionate.
He is an excellent scrum master and is always positive in all situations.
He is always willing to try new things and push himself to master them.
He is never afraid to try something new and always masters it quickly.
John is a master at getting things done and doing them the right way.
I like him and know that he will be a master in any aspect he want.
He is a master of what he does and does it better than anyone else.
I consider him to be one of the master thinker in this methodology.
There has been many roles he has mastered to help us along the way.
John is one of those select few who have mastered every aspect.
John seems to have mastered traversing these different places.
Very few have both traits, but he has definitely mastered both.
He knows how to get things done, and is a master of his craft.
He was responsible for the multiple teams within his organization (scrum master of scrum masters).
It seems they are all masters of understatement, he is terrific and masterful in his work.
He has mastered to get the best out of people, and that to me is his forte.
As someone said about him earlier, he truly is the master of all trades.
He excels particularly as scrum master and agile coach/mentor.
He became a scrum master very soon and helped the team to get the maximum from the scrum.
John took right to it and became the scrum master before being asked.
John is our scrum master and he was very friendly and approachable.
He also ran our scrums and was a very efficient scrum master.
His values align with the scrum manifesto, and he is an experienced scrum master.
For all those reasons, he is an excellent scrum master and colleague.
John is an adept scrum master who is very cool under pressure.
He also played the role of scrum master and was always cheerful.