Security Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Security Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Oh yeah, and chances are, he knows more about information security than many of your security pros.
He knows everything there is to know about our company security and policies.
As our lead security analyst, he is both knowledgeable and committed to keeping our company secures
He is eager to help someone in need and he is very confident & secure in his profession.
John also took this to heart and found opportunities for improving our security.
He consistently goes above and beyond to help us secure profitable growth.
Having him behind his back gives a strong feeling of confidence and security.
If things are going well, hire him to improve the security of the future.
John is an innovator and a participant of all things security.
John provided superb service to his group as a security analyst.
John understood the urgency around securing the best people and once secured he knew how to ensure they succeeded.
John is one of the rare people who really understand security.
John made him look in a different way towards information security.
He really knows his stuff when it comes to information security.
John has a natural bent for security, particularly application security, although he has experience all the way up the stack.
He also helped put in place new procedures and mentored his fellow security analysts.
He is a smart negotiator and is a top notch security analyst.
He can run with what we have and improve on the angles so that we can secure coverage.
John knows what he is talking about insecurity, and his band is also pretty mellow.
He covers all things that improve efficiency without ever compromising security.
The amount of coverage he's secured in the last year or so is truly impressive.
That attitude became a security blanket for himself and the company.
John's experience is invaluable in guiding us on security matters.
His calm and almost quiet confidence is strong and very secure.
Our company the above, John possesses the intangibles: confidence and security.
John expertise in security and auditing was key in bringing our security to a new level.