Security Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Security Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Thank you for your efforts in assisting him secure a new position.
John assisted him secure an excellent new role at our company.
John assisted with helping him secure his first position after earning his degree.
He moved fast and assisted him in securing an appropriate policy for himself and his sons.
He greatly assists our department in securing the right individual for the task.
He provided assistance each step of the process and secured him an offer.
He kept him up to date at all times and was instrumental assisting him securing his new role.
John's assistance was paramount in the securing of extremely important new licenses.
John assisted him in his efforts to secure employment having been made redundant.
It was clear that he felt very safe and secure in the way that he had assisted and guided him throughout the years.
John recently provided him with assistance in securing an excellent role within a top organisation.
In the end, the results also spoke for themselves as he assisted him in securing a great position.
This assistance went a long ways towards helping him secure the role.
John, was instrumental in assisting him in closing multiple security engagements.
John assisted him on many occasions with security services solutions.
His wife was struggling to secure dental assistant interviews.
He not only assisted with his security queries, but also extended his help by providing guidelines and sharing his own experience.
Due to his expertise, he was realistic in how he could assist him and time frame for securing a position.
His efforts were key in securing several new employees to assist in our company's rapid growth.
Being able to articulate these outcomes has greatly assisted him to secure his current role.
Is the security front runner and he is added with exceptional security knowledge.
John has a deep knowledge of security and security practices.
Also assisting him even further after having secured the position with payroll and visa among other things.
His assistance was vital to helping our students secure employment with our company.
John recently assisted one of his clients to locate and secure a property.
He went above and beyond to secure the right deal for him and was always at hand to guide, assist and give his opinion on the right course of action.
Within a few hours he had us in motion and within days he was able to assist in securing us funding.
It has always been his pleasure to work with and secure his assistance with tough to solve problems.
He helped him with his knowledge and assistance to secure his internship on his hometown club.
He assisted him in securing his current role and was delightful to work with.
His knowledge and commitment assisted in securing him a new position in our company.
His expertise in network security, assisted our clients in knowing that their data was secure.
His interview advice and constant follow-up really assisted him in securing the new job.
His advice throughout the process was extremely helpful and assisted him in securing this position.
He also followed up on both sides very diligently, and assisted him at every step of the way to ensure he secured the job for him.
Whenever possible, he was able to help them secure financing.