Security Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Security Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Simply the best in cloud security consulting (among many other things).
John organization would be lucky to secure him as an employee and/or consultant.
Seriously, he knows everything from security to technology to consult, even numismatics.
John provides constructive feedback and has worked well with our consultants on several security consulting engagements.
He embraced consultative selling and was successful in securing new opportunities almost immediately.
John, as a security consultant, is very tied into the security challenges businesses are facing today.
We look forward to consulting with him for many years to come to help us secure our financial future.
His consultancy in this area is excellent and this with his proven security expertise makes him very valuable.
His expertise in forensics and other security areas make him an excellent consultant.
John, in his duties as a network security consultant, was the go-to guy for security best practices, especially for emerging security technologies.
John acted as his consultant during the process of securing his latest role.
John takes a consultative and genuine approach to help you secure that critical next role.
John helped him secure a new role at a major consulting company.
And he has led the delivery of large and complex security consulting engagements.
His approach of securing contract is win-win for both the consultant and the company.
John is an excellent consultant, with deep knowledge in his subject domain, namely security.
In his opinion, he is a very good security consultant with great knowledge and experience
His knowledge and acuity in the security realm positions him as the ideal consultant.
John kept abreast of security issues and took the necessary steps to keep company information secure.
Our dealership(s) feels safe & secured with our company as our environmental consultant.
This shows his keenness be understand a new field of security consultancy.
His insights, consultation, and deep expertise, have resulted in securing the most profitable outcomes for his channel.
And he always led from the front, acting as an example of the role which a security consultant needed to fill.
He belongs to the rare breed of security consultant who is a constant champion to help everyone improve.