Security Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Security Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is one of the must hire security managers in any security department.
If you want to hire a security manager, go to John because he knows where the security managers are.
John is one of those few security managers that I've worked with, that really can think outside the box.
John is the talent every manager wants to secure for is a team.
John is well-versed in security operations and management.
John is an energetic and knowledgeable security manager.
John is one of those managers that "get it" with security.
John was an excellent manager of the security team.
Beside of that, he also very fluent in account management and security.
His understanding of security, and managed security in particular, is impressive and wide ranging.
He also secured management support and funding for infrastructure and security improvements.
John is an outstanding consultant with strong risk management, project management, and security management expertise.
He has always been there to help out in securing the needs of all my travelers.
John did very well getting up to speed with our authentication and managed security solutions.
John is very knowledgeable and practical about security and risk management.
John is very experienced in the security and emergency management fields.
Moreover, he was always secure in managing highly technical people.
John has an exceptional leadership style in security management.
John is the definition of a security management professional.
I worked with him during several security management projects, including security audits.
John is an experienced project manager and security consultant.
He was introduced to me doing security work for our security officer.
John is the security manager who implements security solutions for a lot of customers.
John is an outstanding security manager with broad experience managing information security risk.
On every part of the network he is known and especially in security.
John is incredibly knowledgeable about anything concerning security.
Thank you for your help and assistance in securing my new position.
John is at the top of his game when it comes to security.
He goes above and beyond to secure his client's needs.
John knowledge of security would be second to none.
I found his security knowledge to be extraordinary.
He has also brought me back to consult on security.
If we come across any hurdle in managing those high-end security stuffs, he used to come forward and help us till the resolution.
John effectively manages his organization and has been successful at securing new accounts/projects.
John is one of my main go-to guys in the world of security and identity management.
John successfully worked with senior managers to secure the appropriate resources.
He managed all our system's needs with a particular attention to security issues.
He managed to secure an interview and offer within three days of registration.
He is an integral part of any organization in securing and managing partners.
John managed his organization with care and highest attention to security.
He has excellent security and risk management knowledge and experience.
John's approach to information security management is very refreshing.
Fully capable in all aspects of securing vendors and vendor management.
He has very good acumen and manages the security function very diligently.
John is a great manager and serious champion of enterprise security.
John's ability to secure and manage major sponsors, is commendable.
John is keenly adept at selling securities to executive management.
John is an effective manager and a strong security practitioner.
Highly qualified manager in the security enterprise software field.
I manage to secure a rare opportunity through his guidance.
He was hard working and managed to secure flying colors.
John is a young security manager with senior expertise.
I had the opportunity to work with John, being he the manager of global security.
John is one of the best security program managers I have been working with.
John was my direct manager in my first "real" security job.
John provided management oversight of our security staff at our company.
John managed our IT and security infrastructure and did an outstanding job.
In doing this he always managed to secure contacts at the Senior Executive Level.
Our IT systems and security is impeccably managed by John.
He analyzed our entire security offering, managed our security roadmap and marketing.