Self-Assured Performance Review Phrases Examples

Self-Assured Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

When he does something, he always wants to do it well and you can be assured that it is well-executed.
That said, if he says that something can't be done, you can be assured that it cannot be done.
Working with him you can be assured that you would get more than what you envisaged.
He wants to make sure that he has done everything possible to assure success.
If he says he is going to do something, you can be assured he will deliver.
John assured him it did not need to be that way, and he was right.
His own example, assured that he could do the same for his company.
And yes, when he says he has your back, you can be rest assured.
When he assured us that something would be done, he got it done.
He also assures things to be followed up and followed through.
He has never let him down and always followed up with him to assure that everything was taking place as planned.
He is always willing to help and go out of his way to assure that he gives the very best advice and support.
He is always more than willing to help others do what was required to assure we were doing our very best.
If you ask for something, you can be assured it will be done and done well - he overcomes any challenges.
He always followed through to assure that everyone who came to him for assistance got what they needed.
Once he got hold of something you would always be assured that it would be done and done right.
After he has done this he can then say to you that his goal is to assure that everyone wins.
John is one of those people that knows everything there is to know about quality assurance.
John assured him that he would get him working and sure enough, it took only one week.
Couple this with his willingness to always go above and beyond to assure satisfaction.
Quality is the one of the parameters which will be assured always in his deliverables.
John has always been willing to help selflessly, with no assurance of reciprocation.
When he works for you, you can be assured you are getting the very best there is.
If he happens to come across one, then rest assured that he knows who to call.
One can be assured if something is assigned to him, he will make it happen.
John is very assuring throughout the whole process and kept him informed.
If anything, he is more likely to give you assurance than need it himself.
Whenever you go to him with any query, be assured that it will be solved.
He followed up with him to assure him that his referrals were appreciated.
Let him assure you that you won't be disappointed and will be very happy.
He is also very straightforward in his dealings which is very assuring.
He always assures that the right response/action is being given/taken.
He invests in you and you be assured that you have your back covered.
He is self assured, self motivated and thorough in his assignments.
He always took his calls and assured him that everything was in order.
John always comes through and having him on any team assures success.
Everyone wants to our company with him or for him to be assured of success.
Let him assure you - there was nothing junior about him at that our company.
Communicate to him something, and be rest assured that it is done.
And in doing so, be assured of the tremendous value he will add.
It is always re-assuring when he is there as part of the team.
He assured him that there were opportunities out there for him.
Ask him once and rest assured it'll get done well and quickly.
He is our company and very self assured he him many endeavors
His faith and assurance in us is what made him so motivating.
He assures all that we are working together, and not for him.
He went above and beyond to assure our successful fundraiser.
Our company can be assured you'll not be let down when dealing with visual
Our company assured this won't be his only purchase from John.