Self Confidence Performance Review Phrases Examples

Self Confidence Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has this confidence about him in anything he does and this confidence is not misplaced.
He gives you confidence that you'll get what you need or want from the effort.
He has confidence in what he does because he is one of the best in the world.
He is confident in what he does, and always does it right the first time.
John shares his story around confidence with such, well, confidence.
John has confidence in you even when you don't have it in yourself.
One more thing which has impressed me about him is his confidence.
I am confident that he will do very well in all his endeavours.
If we are confident in who we are, we will not be disappointed.
So all these things make you more confident and stronger.
I feel confident about confiding in him and asking for advice.
In the end, you can confidently say he's just being modest.
John looks very confident and always think very simple.
John has given me the confidence to do well in the role.
John you really helped me to get more self-confidence.
I'm confident that you will do well in your new role. 
I can confidently say he has all of the above and more.
He has confidence, yet never comes across as arrogant.
I have always recommended him with the most confidence.
He is confident and always willing to try new things.
Working with him also helped me to be more confident.
He has my confidence; he will have yours as well.
Extremely confident of himself, and always smiling.
He is very confident in everything that he does.
I could speak to him about anything in confidence.
John is someone who makes confidence contagious.
I've always felt confident when confiding in him.
I am more confident in myself and more decisive.
John is the best possible confidant and advisor.
He had confidence in himself and his abilities.
He is confident, but without being overbearing.
I believe confidence comes with the knowledge.
He is also very confident and forward-looking.
These have really improved my self-confidence.
I couldn't recommend him with more confidence.
John is like the confidant you always wanted.
I am very confident in his overall abilities.
John has been always aspiring and confident.
I am confident that very little has changed.
I am confident he will go far in his career.
I'm confident he will do whatever it takes.
I am confident both he and it will succeed.
He was someone you could always confide in.
He does this both confidently and softly.
He had confidence in me when many did not.
I recommend him to others with confidence.
We were confident we would be successful.
He is also confident and very dependable.
I can confidently say you won't be sorry.
I'm confident you won't be disappointed.
John, you have my vote and confidence.
He has my confidence and recommendation.
I wish them well and am confident that they will go places.
You can be confident he will help you in any way he can.
Well, I want you to know that it's given me confidence.
He has confidence in others before they even have confidence in themselves and has a way of bringing out the best in people.
If you ask for his help with something, you know with confidence he'll do anything within his power to get it done.
Not only does he see how to make things better, he does it in a way that gives you the confidence to go out and do it.
I wish him all the best in his new challenge with the confidence that he will be again very successful.
Moreover, his confidence in his peers allows those around him to be the best that they can be as well.
His confidence in himself has helped others, through him, become confident in themselves.
Allied to that, he has enough self-confidence to ask for help when he needs it.
Prompt at getting back to him as well, which is reassuring and gives confidence.
This would not have been possible without his resilience and his confidence.
You name anything and he will always have the confidence to get things done.
You can always be confident that he is looking out for your best interest.
It has given him much more confidence when using our company.
By demonstrating his confidence in us, we've become more confident in ourselves.
John has always been someone that you can have confidence in knowing he will always do the right thing.
You can, with confidence place your most fragile of confidences safely within his confident confines.
When it comes to getting things done - and done the right way - you can confidently count on him.
He is always confident and sure of what he is doing and is never afraid to take new challenges.
John is so helpful to us and now we are confident that we are taking the right choices.
John is someone in which you can have confidence to deliver what he says he will deliver.
Makes you feel confident that if he does something for you, it will be done thoroughly.
He knows how to get things done, and has the experience and confidence to do it right.
He is confident yet not over confident, he is calm and considered when under pressure.
He not only always comes through in the clutch, but does so with great confidence.
His confidence level is unmatched and it is this confidence that keeps him going.
We could be confident that what we hired him for would get done as he promised.
He's done so with the confidence and maturity that only comes with experience.
His commitment and confidence will definitely take him very far in the future.
John provided himself and his colleagues with the confidence we were lacking.
This makes him confident with any challenge/opportunity that comes his way.
He really knows how to make you look fabulous, and boost your confidence.
John makes you think outside the box and gives you confidence in yourself.
He is confident and his confidence comes from knowing what he talks about.
Seeing his name increases his confidence in whatever it's associated with.
Ultimately, he has been an indispensable confidant for the past six years.
Personally, am very confident to keep him his first choice as a headhunter
He made sure we were confident before we were allowed to go on our own.
He inspires confidence and he knows how to keep things in perspective.
It is appropriate to suggest that he has confidently made his mark.
When his confidence is focused upon someone, he makes them stronger.
He came across as someone who has great confidence in his abilities.
He collaborates well with others and is very honest and confident.
John provides that confidence consistently and it's appreciated.
He carries himself with confidence, but knows the value of laughter.
He knows what he wants and makes quick decisions with confidence.
And, am confident he will always be an asset to any organization.
Employees are drawn to him and are more confident because of him.
John can say with confidence that he is an experienced salesman.
John, thanks so very much for your patience and confidence in him.
John is also very confident in any situations he is placed in.
Hire him with confidence - he only has one objective - success.
Gradually he helped them to become confident & self organizing.
If he has confidence in you, it is only because you deserve it.
If you have any opportunity to hire him, do so with confidence.
His confidence level is one thing you should always appreciate.
John is best known for his confidence and articulate approach.
He gives the impression of being well-organised and confident.
Leaders need to be confident in their choices and he always is.
He knows his strengths and comes across as calm yet confident.
What stands out in him is his self-confidence and self-belief.
He comfortable with himself, has the confidence to be unique.
Once he is your friend you have no better ally nor confidant.
The best thing about him is he is confident, sincere & dedicated.
He filled him with confidence and always kept him up to date.
Our company, but confidence is John doing the right thing in the right way.
You have help provided that confidence that it was the right thing to do and have taken every excuse out for not being on our company.
He is very clear and confident in what he was looking for from our company.