Self-Confident Performance Review Phrases Examples

Self-Confident Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is confident and he makes everyone around him confident.
John has this confidence about him in anything he does and this confidence is not misplaced.
His confidence in himself has helped others, through him, become confident in themselves.
By demonstrating his confidence in us, we've become more confident in ourselves.
John shares his story around confidence with such, well, confidence.
He is confident which in turn gives confidence to his customer.
John has confidence in him and made him believe in himself, which no one had ever done before.
Allied to that, he has enough self-confidence to ask for help when he needs it.
He gives you confidence that you'll get what you need or want from the effort.
Prompt at getting back to him as well, which is reassuring and gives confidence.
He has confidence in what he does because he is one of the best in the world.
This would not have been possible without his resilience and his confidence.
He is confident in what he does, and always does it right the first our company.
He has given him the confidence in himself to go far in this industry.
He is thorough, confidential and always willing to help his compatriots.
John has confidence in you even when you don't have it in yourself.
He is someone you can confide in and he'll always be there to help.
John is always there for them and is very confident in that role.
One more thing which has impressed him about him is his confidence.
Great for our company with and someone who will keep your confidences.
Our company can be confident you have found the best with John.
It has given him much more confidence when using our company.
He has an ease about him when doing business that gives you confidence, confidence he's understood your needs and confidence he will deliver.
He has confidence in others before they even have confidence in themselves and has a way of bringing out the best in people.
John has confidence in his own ability and gives confidence to those working with him.
He is confident yet not over confident, he is calm and considered when under pressure.
John is confident, but more importantly, he inspires confidence in others around him.
John instilled confidence in stakeholders and was very confident in his interaction.
He exuded confidence in him, which of course helped him build his own self-confidence.
John is confident in himself and will employ capable and confident lieutenants.
John is confident and an inspiration, without any hint of over-confidence or spin.
John always believed in his crew and this confidence inspired further confidence.
He is supremely confident and has earned that confidence with his achievements.
That confidence he showed in him allowed him to be more confident in his our company.
He is confident and his confidence comes from knowing what he talks about.
This confidence creates confidence in those he is advising and leading.
If you ask for his help with something, you know with confidence he'll do anything within his power to get it done.
Not only does he see how to make things better, he does it in a way that gives you the confidence to go out and do it.
He is someone that you can ask to take on an assignment, and you can be confident that he will get it done well.
He is someone who, when you want something doing you can give it to him and be confident it will get done.
John has always been someone that you can have confidence in knowing he will always do the right thing.
John comes across as someone you can confide and believe right from the first moment of an interaction.
Moreover, his confidence in his peers allows those around him to be the best that they can be as well.
He gives you the confidence to try new things because you know he will be supportive of your efforts.
One thing you will always notice about him is his confidence which keeps him far ahead of others.
When it comes to getting things done - and done the right way - you can confidently count on him.
He is always confident and sure of what he is doing and is never afraid to take new challenges.
John could be somewhat more confident and should allow himself to sometimes 'not know something'.
John is experienced, confident and goes out of his way to help anyone directly or indirectly.
He always followed up, he was confident enough to ask for advice, and he was always prepared.
He makes it fun and gives us the confidence to know that we are doing things the right way.
We are sorry to see him go and have every confidence he will succeed in his new assignment.
He has given not only to him, but to our company, the confidence that he can get things done.
John would never take anything unless he were confident that he could do an excellent job.
John is so helpful to us and now we are confident that we are taking the right choices.
We are confident that when you do business with him that your needs will be well served.
Instills confidence in all that our company around him that things are going to get done right.
John has always been very professional and confident in the way he goes about his our company.
John is someone in which you can have confidence to deliver what he says he will deliver.
He always gives his best in all that he undertakes and carries himself with confidence.