Self-Controlled Performance Review Phrases Examples

Self-Controlled Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He spoke about controlling the controllable and not to focus on what we can't control.
He does all this and somehow he always seems to have everything under control.
He makes himself always available to everyone, but never beyond his control.
Bottom line, he knows what he is doing and is always in control.
He manages the things he can control very well, but doesn't let things he can't control to get under his skin.
John knows how to stay in control without controlling people.
Explanations have always been thorough, and he has been more than willing to help with problems/issues beyond his immediate control.
John focuses on things he can do something about rather than on things beyond his control.
John is the one who turned things around and got everything well under control.
He is always in control of where he wants to go and what he wants to achieve.
John went above and beyond to make sure the project was under control.
He always seems to have things under control even at the our company minute.
Deadlines were met/made because he always had things under control.
That does not mean that he doesn't have control over the situation.
John always has everything under control and makes it look easy.
John always seems to know the who, what, where and how of accounts under his control.
He is an excellent teacher and keep control of the class, where some can and do get out of control.
This was not easy because when he took control of the project, it was completely out of control.
He doesn't let the our company take control of him, rather he tries to control his our company with ease.
Although he was in control all the time, we never really felt any control at all.
Although he enjoys a controlled environment, he is not at all controlling.
He's fun and easy with our company with and we get control after control.
He always made sure everything was under control, and if it, wasn't it would definitely become an instant priority.
He's someone that you want on your team because he's always got things under control and delivers.
He is always focused, in control and knows exactly how to get things done the best way possible.
He always has full control over what needs to be done, and what is going to be the next steps.
He has the drive to do things well and makes sure he is always in control of the situation.
With him you will always have the feeling that absolutely everything is under control.
He is also very approachable and yet knows what needs to be done and takes control.
John is someone that is controlling almost every detail about something particular.
He is very well organized and always keeps things under control and within budget.
John is always willing to step up, take control and make sure things got done.
John has always come across as someone who has complete control over his domain.
He is always aware of what was going on and new when he needed to take control.
Things seem to be always " well under control" in his operation and management.
He is always on top of things and never allowed things to go out of control.
John certainly had these qualities and seemed to have his area under control.
He's one of those people who makes you feel that everything is under control.
He then would take control of the solution and saw it through to completion.
He doesn't walk away until all that he has control over has been completed.
Along the way, very little, if any, escapes his control of the situation.
He always kept his cool, even when circumstances seemed out of control.
Someone who took control of things as soon as he joined the new company.
He has complete control of everything that was going on in the program.
So much of what he does is damage control, which can be very stressful.
He is affable, well liked by everyone and in control in any situation.
John's role was to help with the documentation of the various controls.
One of his stipulations for him was to have zero control deficiencies.
While having it all under control, he is always upbeat and engaging.
The quality of anything which he has control over is always polished.
He always had the situation in control and we always came out on top.
John has the energy of life that we all want to have and control.
And this is not restricted only to things under his span of control.
John has provided him the right tools to take control of his life.
John kept control and made sure everything executed like a clock our company.
However, because he's so in control he never has to play that card.
He is thorough whilst never losing control when things get tough.
Every thing that was within his control was exceptionally handled.
More importantly, he was up front on what was not in his control.
He is in control of the conversation, but in no way overbearing.