Self-Critical Performance Review Phrases Examples

Self-Critical Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also isn't afraid of criticism, which is critically important.
John is always there to support critical and non critical our company.
If there was one criticism to make of him, it would be that he's too modest.
He is always trying to make things better, even if that means being critical.
Although he was critical, he was definitely one of his best clients.
He is the one whom you can always rely for anything critical.
John takes criticism well, but does not hesitate to criticize as well.
However, he still knows how to get things done and when to be firm and critical of himself and his employees.
He has been more than that, to him, however, as he has been that critical two steps ahead of him all the way.
If there is something he cannot do, he lets everyone know up front which can be critical in this business.
He made sure he was available during our critical periods and always followed through with commitments.
He will say what others won't, when others won't - and that is critical to standing out online.
John is very thorough in what he does and yet is very patient and receptive to criticism.
He always challenged others to think more critically and to always look for what is missing.
If there are critical situations - you don't even have to think, he will be there for you.
Client's really appreciate that he always knows what information is critical to success.
Making sure you do the right thing for your campaign is critical and he will do that.
He would always see the value in one's writing instead of first jumping to criticize.
He will ask for help if he needs it and accept help or criticism when it is given.
John is always supportive and where he had to be constructively and fairly critical.
He's always looking for the best and keeps others critically about their our company as well.
John always provided two critical things in the course of working with our clients.
He is the best critic of himself and would never be satisfied with mediocrity
He is willing to listen to criticism and actually uses it to make himself better.
He will also tell you what you need to hear, which is critical in this business.
Being critical and very analytical, he also made you think better about matters.
His willingness to help in every way that he could be critical in this project.
John is critical to our success of each and every one of those transactions.
He can be critical though to the meaning of getting the best out of everybody.
He took constructive criticism well and was always available to help others.
He is definitely not the person who will let you down in critical situations.
He knows every our company the right things to do, especially in critical situations.
John can handle criticism and will always do what's best for the project.
He is very our company and did not bother him unless it was really critical.
Committed/focussed towards his goal & very open/positive towards criticism.
He is always available to help get things done to meet critical deadlines.
In addition, and for him the most critical, was what he did with his resume.
Here are just a few of the many critical things that he did for the team.
He makes himself available for all critical presentations and meetings.
He used to be the "Munnabhai" for him in many of the critical situations.
That is not at all to say that he is difficult, demanding, or critical.
John has always been willing to help out in our company critical situations.
John is very easy to get along with, and take criticism very well.
He's very critical of himself and the things he attaches his name to.
He is well organized and always follows up on all critical matters.
He can take criticisms & apply it to better himself professionally.
John goes above and beyond in critical situations in the business.
He always accepts criticism well when changes were recommended.
John has always had that critical sophistication and understanding.
Moreover, he critically analyses them and come up with new own ideas.
That is why he is always the go-to person in many critical moments.
His greatest critic is himself and he is always looking to improve.
He is forthright with his criticism, and it is always constructive.
Additionally, his passion is not only infectious but also critical.
Another of his gifts is he gives him new vocabulary (it's critical).
John has provided him with great help in critical recruitments.
John is critical, but he also gives compliments when necessary.
John has provided critical value to his growth and development.
He is never afraid to ask for advice or back away from criticism.
He is very knowledgeable and challenged him to think critically.