Selling Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Selling Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He's always in the trenches, willing to help, and selling, selling, selling.
His networking skills are commendable and this is only bettered by his selling skills.
John's customer care skills are excellent as well as his selling skills.
He can sell with the best of them, but he won't sell something that isn't right.
Additionally, he is always looking to make himself better at selling.
He has strong product skills along with his core selling skills.
John will always do well, he has the experience and skills to sell the right way.
John's skills go well beyond selling, and will make him successful in any field.
He has the necessary skills to sell at different levels within any organisation.
Not only that, but his organisational and selling skills are fantastic.
He honed my selling skills and taught me how to sell with values.
I have yet to come across anyone that has better consultative selling skills than John.
He doesn't sell what makes the most profit for himself, he sells what is exactly right for the customer.
I look forward to more of him webinars and get some more techniques on selling without really selling.
He can sell you nearly everything, but you can be sure at the end, that you get what you really need.
He is always out there selling, but selling what the customer needs, not selling just to make a sale.
He sells very well, and he'll make sure that he gives his best to his surroundings.
And he does something not everybody does - he won't sell you more than you need.
People known to him believe that he can sell just about anything under the sun.
Throughout his presentation, you would think it's he is actually not selling.
If you are looking for someone who knows how to sell, look no further.
I wouldn't go to anyone else, he's the best and will sell your house.
John will never try to sell you anything that is not right for you.
There you are - he has already used one of his tips for selling.
He didn't try to sell me on something that wasn't good for me.
He knows what sells, how to sell, and how to motivate others.
I am not quite sure what he is selling, but I will take three.
It seems everyone is looking to sell you something, not John.
John has two skills necessary for success: he knows how to sell and how to get results from his team.
His selling skills are unmatched because he knows what the customer needs before they do.
His presentation skills are outstanding and it doesn't feel like he is trying to sell.
He has taught me many skills, but also how to be humble and persistent when selling.
John is fabulous when it comes to interpersonal skills and assertive selling.
He also has the selling skills and personality to work well with customers.
John is excellent at one of the core skills of selling - relationships.
This was not surprising given his exceptional selling and closing skills.
He is structured, organised and his selling skills are second to none.
John has an unbelievable skill to sell things and motivate people.
He also is very skilled in proposal writing and solution selling.
He is also very competitive and possesses strong selling skills.
John's wealth of knowledge in selling skills is second to none.
You encouraged me to strengthen my relationship selling skills.
He is very effective in developing participants selling skills.
He could sell ice to the Eskimos because of his people skills.
John is equally skilled in transactional or solution selling.
I have always been impressed with John's technical and selling skills.
John's extremely strong selling skills are exceeded only by his exceptional people skills.
When John joined my team he had the technical skills, but needed to round out his selling skills.
His marketing and selling skills are among the best you will find anywhere in the world.
Tremendous social skills and knows how to sell himself and the services he can provide.
He showed me how to be accountable to myself, and formulate my selling skills.
John knows the social selling skills necessary to make one successful.
He is very good in soft skills, personality development and selling skills.
Unfortunately, most of them don't know what they're even selling, and they get away with it, because the customer knows even less.
John is an unusual beast - someone who sells, but whom actually understands what he's selling and whom he's selling to.
As if that wasn't enough, he'll only recommend you what you need - and not try to sell you anything un-necessary.
An overall different approach to selling (whatever you have to sell) which brings you better results.
He never tried to sell us something we didn't need, and truly had our best interest at heart.
He isn't selling for him, he is actually trying to figure out what is in your best interest.
You understand clearly that he is not here to sell anything but to just make you successful.