Senior Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is exceptional at balancing both vision and execution and delivering on the accountabilities.
His assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the account executives was on target.
Plus, he's given me a challenge and is going to hold me accountable for executing it.
There are few accounts executives that fall into an elite category but he does.
His seminar was on-target and inspired results in our account executives.
John is an aggressive account executive with a very competitive nature.
John epitomizes what you look for in a top global account executive.
John exemplifies what a great account executive should be all about.
He was consistently in the top as an account executive in the district.
By all accounts from our senior management/peers, he knocked it out of the park.
His guidance for my interviews with senior executives was invaluable.
John is an extremely talented senior executive in his profession.
John is a highly experienced senior account executive who knows how to help his clients achieve their objectives.
He is motivational and inspiring and gets to the heart of what account executives' needs are effective.
John client of his will surely tell you that he's one of the best account executives in the marketplace.
John is an executive that brings enthusiasm, vision, and accountability to an organization.
He is a tenacious account executive that is open and engaging.
John retains the talent, knowledge, accountability and bandwidth of a senior executive.
John is the very apotheosis of the senior financial executive.
John is a very respected partner account executive and friend.
He asserted himself into the culture of the most senior executives and led them through the change.
I can see him being a great success in senior executive roles in the future.
He makes sure he thoroughly understands what he's talking with prospects about, which contributes to his success as an account executive.
He exemplifies what an account executive should be, always looking out for our best interests and going the extra miles to get things done.
This is just one example of his ability to sell at the executive level in his assigned accounts.
However, this is an exact quote from our account executives at our company month after month.
In senior executive meetings he was never caught up in impressing other people.
When it comes to execution, this is where he would "walk the talk", and his forte is amazing tactical execution.
John is an asset in a senior executive role or as an executive consultant.
I would not hesitate to recommend him for any senior executive challenging & innovative role.
He is comfortable with the most senior executives and can handle the most difficult clients.
John is a prime example of how to be a senior executive and still have time for everyone.
He moves fast and knows his way around board governance and senior executive influence.
It was gratifying to see a senior executive in the same trench as his clients.
John's leadership and confidence in interacting with senior executives is second to none.
He is comfortable working with executives at the most senior levels.
John is an excellent account executive and truly goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients' needs are being met.
John was a great client executive that was assigned to my account.
He is reliable, gets back to you and is always professional when dealing senior executives.
John is an exceptional senior executive who is detailed and knowledgeable.
John was always highly regarded by senior executives for his take charge make it happen attitude.
His report to the senior executives in our company was straightforward and courageous.
John is the type of account executive you want on your account; he recognizes that both sides of the relationship need to benefit in order for the account to be a success.
John should be advising every senior executive in my opinion - then we would have companies with heart, culture and longevity.
I've observed him handle senior executives with grace, always willing to share what he believes is right.
He understands the challenges senior executives have to face when taking companies to the next level.
His message rang equally true for our most senior executives, as well as our rank and file.
John is an outstanding senior level executive with an exceptional history of success.
He relates well to stakeholders across the organisation including senior executives.
John encouraged each of us understand the big picture, and our role in that picture, to become better account executives.
John is a senior executive that keeps his people motivated, challenged and energized.
John is one of the few people who really execute what they promise.
I would highly recommend him for any senior or major account type of position without hesitation.
John proved himself to be a highly professional senior executive.
John is the best senior executive coach, because he gets results for the organisation as well as the individual.
John always seemed extremely calm, especially in his engagements with senior executives within the bank.
He is already a very senior executive and ready to accept more responsibilities towards his career.
Impressed with his ability to deal with senior executives and have high regard for his abilities.
John was also an effective on-going executive coach to the senior leadership of these firms.
John has shown maturity and is able to hold on his own when engaging senior executives.