Senior Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a thoroughly professional and reliable senior account manager.
He has the wonderful flexibility to manage important senior accounts as well as manage personnel on his team.
He was well liked by both his team and other senior managers.
He is a much respected manager of our team and senior management.
I would have no hesitation recommending him as an experienced and professional senior account manager.
He has been involved in some of very successful projects as a senior account manager.
During our time together, he was held in the utmost respect of his peers, senior management, and client senior management.
He successfully built senior level relationships at all accounts he managed.
He also mentored me through my first few interactions with senior managers.
He certainly would be an asset in senior management of any organization.
He could also be counted on to be accountable for his decisions and represent himself well with senior management.
He worked extremely well with all levels of management in particular with senior management.
I would always recommend him for any senior business management role and managing large enterprise accounts.
I would recommend him without reservation for any senior management role.
John always made himself available to the senior management team across the country.
You will be lucky to have him in your senior management team.
He manages up as well as down, inspiring teams while handling the pressure from senior management.
And goes to bat for his team, managing down and setting expectations to senior management.
John also knows how to scale management approaches and styles from micromanaging small teams up to manage other senior managers.
John's ability to manage a team whilst also managing the expectations of senior managers is a strength.
An individual who is both accountable and reliable in managing the expectations of his clientele, peers, and seniority figures.
He listens to his senior managers and takes our opinions into account when making organizational decisions.
John can talk to and manage any stakeholder, regardless of their level of seniority.
John is very experienced in managing stakeholders at the most senior level.
He would be an asset to any company for senior manager's role.
He's a solid senior account manager with plenty of talent and huge potential.
John would best be utilized in senior to upper management positions.
John joined our company as an intern, but left having accomplished more than we could have expected from some of our most senior account managers.
John has an excellent interpersonal style and interacts well with senior management.
He gained the confidence and trust of senior management within one meeting.
He took on some very large accounts with complex requirements and was able to increase revenue and work closely with senior management in the accounts.
Simply put, there aren't enough senior-level account people like him.
John knows how to work well with others and with senior levels of management.
He is both an extremely intelligent and yet approachable senior manager.
John has the ability to manage multiple accounts independently while still keeping senior management in the loop on key milestones and deliverables.
He successfully presented to senior management, corporate management and councilors.
He managed hiring of few directors and senior managers for my account as we were growing at a very rapid pace.
Even senior managers looked to him for the valuable inputs he could provide.
He was also an excellent contributor to our senior management team.
He had a great connection to his team, senior management and him fellow managers.
John was very structured in his approach and managed a number of senior managers within the organization.
John was an excellent hire who provided senior level account management for a major strategic account.
John is an incredible asset and leaves many more senior managers behind in his wake.
John was instrumental in placing me in a senior management role.
John did an outstanding job as senior account manager and was a joy to work with.
His solutions are well accepted by the senior management and most of them have been implemented.
John has the respect of his peers, his subordinated, senior management and vendors.
He has done this through collaborating with his team as well as senior managers in the organization.
He is well liked and respected among senior managements and several teams across the organization.
He great at managing a team and at the same time dealing with senior management.
He demonstrates very strong account management skills & senior leadership.
John is an experienced and polished senior management professional.
His sessions with senior management and line managers were interactive and practical.
I regret that with him additional senior management responsibilities these meetings have become few and far between.
I have seen in him interact across various levels of senior management smoothly without out any hesitation.
As a senior manager, he would definitely prove to be an asset to any organization.
John is a great example of what senior managers should be in our changing times.
John has also been a very good sounding board on senior management challenges.
He was considered by all in the senior management as a "safe pair of hands".
He led a senior membership manager search for us and was outstanding.