Senior Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

By all accounts from our senior management/peers, he knocked it out of the park.
His account control & relationship with the senior exec really allows him to do wonders in the accounts.
His knowledge of the accountancy profession, and accountants themselves, is second to none.
His knowledge of accounts payable and the accounting that goes along with it is impressive.
Simply put, there aren't enough senior-level account people like him.
Besides his accountability, he always shows his experience and seniority in any direct interactions.
Due his senior capability to open new accounts, he could quickly assume more and more responsibilities.
His approach was rigorous, accountable and netted us one of the best senior hires we have made in years.
Not only in the accounts he's won and retained, but in the tenure of his senior staff.
His knowledge on accounting and the ease with which he replies on complex accounting issues will only take him to great heights in the profession of accountancy.
John trained many people on the account, even senior members.
He excels at selling to senior level clients and large accounts.
John is an honest and knowledgeable accountant who gives great advice and he has been his accountant for many years.
He always has time to help juniors and is accountable to senior staff.
John worked as a senior enterprise account exec at our company.
His accounting knowledge is second to none and is very well organised.
John is highly knowledgeable and gives his all to your account.
He is very knowledgeable in accounting as was very efficient.
He also has an outstanding knowledge of all things accounting.
John hired him as his accountant and together we worked to improve the entire accounting department.
What sets him apart is his positive attitude and accountability at all times.
John quickly established senior relationships within the multinational and global accounts he was assigned.
His decisions always took into account what was best for the company and the customer.
He is very responsive and accountable to the advice that he provides customers.
John is extremely accountable to his customers and his company.
He saved some of his customer accounts on more than one occasion.