Senior Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of his primary senior analysts several years ago.
An outstanding senior analyst, he quickly picks up what needs to be done.
The first time, he was a trainee; the second one, an experienced senior analyst.
Which is especially impressive considering him experience and seniority.
Though he was quite senior than him, but got mixed with him within days.
His experience and perspective are of someone much more senior.
Although he was senior to him, we always collaborated like peers.
He got along very well with him seniors, peer and subordinates.
He connects very well with people in the senior leadership ranks, as well as analyst layers.
As a senior analyst at our company, he was engaged, insightful and always willing to take on new challenges.
Because of his seniority and his experience, his abilities are versatile.
John is senior to him in the company as he had started before him.
Ramakant is very effective in his role as a senior test analyst.
John knows how to get to the bottom of a problem (he was a senior problem analyst).
Due to this he is quite popular among his peers, seniors and subordinates.
One he was clearly devoted to meeting the needs of senior leadership.
His value addition has always been appreciated by peers and seniors.
Fewer interactions with him make one feels about senior leadership.
Felt himself lucky to find seniors like him at his very first job.
John reported to him as the division's senior financial analyst.
John though, is very senior to him, but he is the one whom all the employees' trust, very approachable and helpful.
Being the open and selfless senior that he was, he taught him so many things that help him even to this very day.
To say the least, he is truly an astute asset to the senior most echelon of any organization.
He found fantastic candidates for us on many different fronts and all levels of seniority.
Though at a very senior level, he was very helpful to almost everyone in the company.
He also fronts the interface with target candidates who may be fairly senior.
John came to our organization and quickly influenced our senior leadership.
John's style resonates very well with the most senior rep to new hires.
He understands the addition 'senior' to his position in the company.
His seniority and experience is rounding up his authentic behaviour.
John consistently raised the bar in a team of very senior analysts.