Senior Art Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Art Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is on a course to becoming an international senior director.
John is an amazing art director with the ability to make it all look so easy.
I enthusiastically recommend his contributions as an art director.
John is deserving of the highest accolades as an art director.
I have no reservations about recommending him for any senior art position.
He is very approachable and one would never get the feeling that you are interacting with a very senior director.
I am always willing to help him out with a favor because he is a great art director.
He's a challenging art director that focuses on getting the best out of all of us.
I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone who needs a superb art director.
He's one of that rare breed of art directors who is also really good at type.
John is not the kind of art director who forces his ideas upon everyone.
I did not have an art director position open, but met with him anyway.
He is an exceptional art director and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.
It has been my sincere pleasure to work with him as my art director.
John is a senior art director who has a strong acumen for visually appealing imagery.
There is not an ounce of ego that impedes on his role as art director, which is rare.
Other than being a great art director, he is a pleasure to be around.
John garnered the respect of the board of directors, senior leadership, and those outside whom he interfaces with regularly.
I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for an entrepreneurial, dynamic and above all effective senior directors.
John was a very diligent senior director / technologist in my division.
John growth has been observed and praised by my board of directors and senior leadership in my organization.
John is a senior director and has demonstrated his ability to get the job done.
If you are looking for the best art director in the industry, he is the one.
John is an art director who always tries to push boundaries and avoid traditional conventions when it comes to ideas/execution.
It also helps that he's a pop culture lexicon, which is a must have for any art director.
John is a tremendous art director who honestly and whole-heartedly loves what he does.
He is very strong art director having a great feeling of proportions, form and volume.
John is an ideas man par excellence and a brilliant art director.
His ability to contact and engage with senior prospects via the phone was an art.
John is an incredibly consistent, focused and detail oriented art director.
I would have no hesitation is recommending him to other directors and recruiters; whether they be trainee or senior.