Senior Business Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Business Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would recommend him for any senior roles and business partnership without hesitation.
John is a detail-oriented and task driven senior business analyst.
John was the senior business analyst for several large accounts of mine.
John's grasp of the business and his ability to truly partner with senior business leaders is exceptional.
John has not only been successful on his own, but as a senior leader in the business.
His vision and business acumen will make him successful in senior leadership roles.
John was an outstanding forecast analyst for my business unit.
As an analyst, he is very thorough and exceptional in understanding the needs of the business and recommending appropriate solutions.
He always enjoyed listening and discussing about business with anyone, regardless of seniority level, so that everyone could directly talk to him about not only business but private issues.
John extremely polished at the senior level in explaining business aspects of a particular platform or business opportunity.
John is the best connected senior candidate recruiter in the business.
He has senior business connections and resources and knows the best way to get things done.
He works really well with the senior stakeholders in a business to make things happen.
John is a very capable senior business analyst who consistently delivers to a very high standard.
As a senior partner in the business, he was always available and ready with advice and recommendations.
John is a good business analyst with good domain knowledge of the aviation business.
John has an ever expanding level of senior business contacts to whom he can introduce you to.
He is a senior strategic mind to the business and an amazing cheerleader.
John is an outstanding senior business leader, boss, and colleague.
John has played a senior and a critical role in growing our business.
He was widely respected by his colleagues across the business (function, seniority and geography).
John was the business analyst on this four month long strategy engagement.
John is often approached by junior and senior business analysts for input and advice; which he is very quick to provide.
John has the business nous to assess issues quickly that only comes from dealing at a senior level with business problems over many years.
John is a meticulous senior business analyst who balances strategic goals of the business along with the deliverables on the projects.
John also regularly worked with senior stakeholders in the business handily himself admirably.
John is an experienced senior business analyst with a broad understanding of business gained across a diverse range of industries.
He excelled as a senior business partner and maintained a perfect balance of employee and business advocacy.
He has the respect of his peers and seniors, and has been instrumental in making some amazing changes in their business.
He has excellent business acumen and was well respected by the senior leadership team.
As said, he'd be a welcomed addition to the senior leadership team of any business.
John is a senior scribe who writes incisive articles on business and the economy.
John has that unique combination of intellect, innovation and business savvy that recommend him for any senior role in a growth-oriented business.
The obvious result of this trait is that he has made a success of every business in which he has had a senior position.
His business acumen gave him enormous credibility at the most senior level in the organisation.
John's methods and demeanour are my benchmark when assessing senior staff in my own business.
He was to me, like he was to many senior leaders in our business, a counsel and guide.
I then engaged him to recruit for a senior role within the business.
John is most likely comfortable with the most senior executive environment or business encounters.
He is a very experienced and accomplished senior business executive.
John is an excellent business analyst and a true professional.
He has been an invaluable business partner and a member of our senior staff.
John was a dedicated business partner who helped me search and find strong candidates to fill senior roles in my business.
I would highly recommend him to businesses looking for senior marketing leadership.
John has been a responsible senior business analyst always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done.
John would be a fantastic senior business leader for any organization that needs one.
I am certain he has, since that time, matured into a senior business executive.
Because of these rare attributes, he delivers what most senior business advisors wish they could deliver.
John is a must for any business that relates to the senior community.
I wish him a move to a senior general position in this business.
John is a world-class senior business executive who inspires all around him to maximize their contributions to the growth of the business.
John is a senior architect with lots of drive and commitment to the business.
It was clear that he had the utmost respect of his team, his peers and senior stakeholders across the business.
John is fiercely loyal to colleagues, the senior team and the business as a whole.
I would definitely recommend him as a partner or senior executive in any business.