Senior Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is truly a seasoned consultant who has no problem being a mentor to even other senior consultants who are trying to get better.
I would highly recommend him for a senior position in consulting.
He has placed a number of senior consulting roles on my behalf.
John is a senior consultant very motivated and results oriented.
He demonstrated strong consulting skills with senior leadership.
I would not hesitate to recommend him for any senior consulting positions in this space in the future.
John has been a good friend and consultant on senior leadership matters.
John is a thoroughly capable and professional senior consultant.
He was the senior technical/functional consultant on the project.
I sometimes see senior programmers coming to consult with him.
He has justifiably evolved into a very senior and successful consulting figure now.
Starting as a senior consultant, he quickly moved up the ranks within his group.
John was one of our most senior and highly regarded security consultants.
John is and will continue to be a key part of our senior consulting team.
He was asked for by name on projects and was well thought of by several senior consultants.
John was first selected by one of our senior consultants with company support to help stabilize the consultant's career.
John is a dynamic, energetic, innovative, results-oriented senior consultant.
John is a very senior consultant who's able to give you the right information.
John teamed with some of our senior consultants on several client interventions.
He came in as the youngest of the consultants in a team that comprised senior expats.
John is an excellent staffing consultant and senior recruiter.
John is a very knowledgeable senior consultant with years of experience.
John company that brings him on as a consultant or senior leader will be all the better for it.
John is a proven senior leader both in an organisation or as a consultant.
I highly recommend him as a consultant and as a senior leader.
His vast experience allows him to bring a wisdom in the topic that is not found in less senior consultants.
He proved to be a very professional, results orientated senior consultant.
John is a well rounded, well versed senior project consultant.
As a hands-on consultant, he certainly knows his stuff and is reflected in the senior contacts he has who regard him highly.
He always looks to identify growth opportunities for less senior consultants and provides coaching accordingly.
His consultative approach enabled him to win and maintain many senior client contacts.
John is the type of senior executive / consultant that motivates you to be your best.
And the best thing about him is he consults with your requirements.
Aswin is an our company senior consultant in strategy & change.
He made several brilliant presentations that could as well have been delivered by a senior consultant.
He took the time to meet with the consultants here and understand our needs as a consultancy.
He's as great with new starters straight out university as he is with more experienced and senior consultants.
During that time he has proved himself to be an extremely able and flexible senior consultant.
He went out of his way to understand his requirements for consultants.
John embodies everything you could hope for in a strategic and senior consultant.
His knowledge and rounded experience made him one of the senior consultants at our company.
He moved up the ranks and quickly became a senior solution consultant.
During his time in the company has gone from consultant to a senior consultant for information security expertise.
He is the most senior rep whom he had every right doing his own thing and worry about himself.
He consulted with all and often went beyond what his responsibilities required of him.
He ensures all the requirements are addressed with the best available consultant.
John would be an asset as an employee or an outside consultant for any firm.
He owns the requirements and consults with us on various approaches.
He's an asset to any firm that he may consult with in the future.
He is one of those rare consultants who makes your life easier.
His strong customer centric style made him one of our most requested senior consultants.
He consults at a senior level both within our company and customer organisations.
Would recommend him to any senior presales type role or senior consulting role, including team leader/management.
His seniority makes him a well received speaker as well as consultant to all levels of peers.
John delivers the most senior level of consultation and delivery in his work.
John for either senior level leadership or senior consulting roles with the technical and wireless world.
He is one of our team's most successful senior technology consultants.
He always proved his expertise as senior consultant and his ability to work in various rolls
More senior consultants enjoyed working with him and felt he was an excellent contributor.
He works side-by-side many foster homes and is your senior consultant.
Him senior consultancy, and pan-regional approach is a great help in our cooperation.
Many of his staff was fast tracked to senior level consulting positions.
He demonstrated very genuine interest and commitment to both himself and the very senior consulting team.
He would be willing to take up the most difficult tasks & willing to learn from his seniors.
He is his senior by far, but he was always available to help him anytime of the day or night.
He always willing to learn from his seniors and trying to apply them at his best.
John never ceased learning, especially from him seniors and colleagues.
As a senior, he was supportive, motivating and mentoring of himself and other consultants.
His many years as a senior consultant were evident in the way he approached tasks and achieved his outcomes.
John came in to our company as a senior consultant and immediately gained the respect and trust of his colleagues.
John took senior portraits for both of his daughters and they both turned out beautifully
He's very pleasant and very senior, as you can tell from his experience posted here.
From novices to senior journalists, there's only praise for him.
He is there as a senior friend helping you whenever required.
As one of the senior consultants of the team, he is a good role model.
And he truly believes in what he is doing and lives his life in keeping with his consulting.
A passionate consultant with the right attitude and definitely an asset to where ever he goes.
He'd be an asset to anyone looking to hire him or seek his consultative opinion.
Our consultants always felt he was very good in screening them.
He consults with key stakeholders and respects their opinions.
He clearly was respected by the most senior leaders of the organization as well as consultants and agency partners.
He uses to help everyone with his expanded knowledge and methods: junior or senior consultant.
There is a reason he made senior consultant (or distinguished member of consulting staff) as quickly as he did.