Senior Data Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Data Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John easily has this effect on all of his colleagues; both those his senior and those he is senior to.
He has been my senior and would help anyone with his best possibilities.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, dedicated data analyst.
John's knowledge of data modeling goes beyond that of the most senior data architect.
He would get along very well with his colleagues and more importantly, with all his seniors.
He is like that senior in college who you look up to when you need guidance.
He is also very helpful to everybody being it his subordinates or his seniors.
Though he was my senior, he was always ready to help me out in any matter.
He is able to challenge those around him regardless of their seniority.
Finally, obviously he's my senior, but he never made me feel below him.
John was senior to me, but always treated me and others as equals.
Regardless of his seniority, he always made me feel like an equal.
He's not one to over rule others just because he's senior to them.
John is a true analyst- in that he knows how to use data to solve problems and make recommendations.
Although, only our immediate senior, he's someone we look up to for inspiration and guidance.
He's an influencer, even to those who are much more senior to him.
John is a highly competent and thorough analyst who always seeks to make best use of the data available.
The excellent feedback we had from all our seniors couldn't have been possible without him effort.
He is the first one who comes in any ones mind if you are looking for an advice from a senior.
John has all the necessary elements required of someone who is very senior in his role.
Though he is away too senior than me, but he made me comfortable during our discussions.
I wish him all the very best and recommend him to senior positions in any organisation.
He has the intangibles that most companies are looking for in their senior leadership.
John is one senior, who you wish to be like when you are at his stage/career level.
John was able to get the best out of me and he was a pleasure to have as my senior.
As senior as he is, he still had the enthusiasm that separates him from all around.
John, even in a very senior position, was always available to help and advise.
Seniors rolled over him more than his seniors to give him responsibilities.
I would recommend him for any senior research/architect/consulting position.
Working with him as a senior in college had always been quite challenging.
John was extremely well liked by his colleagues and those senior to him.
John is well on his way to be a commensurate senior developer/architect.
John is the most encouraging senior colleague, anyone could wish for.
John is very down to earth, hardworking and most approachable senior.
I am sure that he will succeed in every senior role he will be up to.
I am sure he will be successful at any senior position in the future.
He did both of my sons senior pictures and they came out wonderful.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any senior role.
The value of his senior leadership in our org can't be overstated.
More importantly though, he is senior and inclined to leadership.
Anyone would be lucky to have him in any senior leadership role.
John is the kind of senior engineer/architect that gets it done.
I was anxious because he replaced someone much senior than him.
He has got great potentials, which his seniors have to explore.
He is committed to issues affecting the well-being of seniors.
This combination makes him well-suited for very senior roles.
He is very senior to me and has been always very cooperative at all times.
John does have the energy in him to make things happen and this is why he is liked by his seniors.
John was an extremely dedicated and inventive analyst, who was always able to find a new way to look at the data.
John now and beyond graduation because of the guidance he has given me through my senior year.
He makes himself available for any task and is never "two senior" when being approached.
He was always a senior whom we could look up to for guidance on any matter.
I'd argue that he could outpace many senior to him in most organizations.
One he was clearly devoted to meeting the needs of senior leadership.
John is the bar by which all senior leadership should be measured.
Fewer interactions with him make one feels about senior leadership.
John was senior to me and really helped push me over that time.
Clearly he is experienced at dealing with senior candidates as well as at senior level in the employing company.
He was very cooperative with his seniors and courteous with juniors/colleagues.
With his help we will accomplish this goal to end senior hunger.