Senior Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

And, he is an accomplished, senior design professional that designs solutions that can actually be built.
John is a very talented senior designer and he pleasantly surprised him several times with his design ideas.
He helped him take care of some beginner designers and also seniors.
John is one of his favorite senior designers to work with ever.
He understands designers and values the back-and-forth of the design process.
John started out as a junior designer and worked his way up to a senior designer.
He solved design problems that more senior designers couldn't and were tremendously versatile across accounts.
John's got solid design chops, but that's really just the cost of entry for any designer.
Although, only our immediate senior, he's someone we look up to for inspiration and guidance.
He's an influencer, even to those who are much more senior to him.
Excellent and will take him to any location and senior position.
In his role as senior designer, he always strived to make our team better.
He would be an asset to any team looking for a senior level designer.
His thoughtfulness around design and process encouraged him to become a better designer.
John shows an excellent understanding of design and the design process.
You will not be disappointed in using him for your senior appointments.
He designed his conferences around the feedback that he received from the senior stakeholders and panelists.
Most recently, he connected him with a phenomenal senior designer within hours of us speaking.
His contributions have been so strong that he has often been tasked with critical responsibilities that would normally fall to more senior designers.
John contacted him in regards to a senior design position and successfully landed him the role.
He grew quickly into the role as senior designer and we were very sad when he left us.
He's an excellent designer and has taught the whole of our team a lot about design.
John is a great senior designer and is full of creative ideas.
Raises escalation at the right times for his seniors to make the right decision.
Says what he thinks, nevertheless the "senior management's"vision.
He believes in taking guidance from seniors, whenever needed.
The twice weekly design crits and design sprint retrospectives that he held grew the members of his design team.
His designs were approved by senior leadership and are making their way into the hands of billions of users.
Then when you see his work, your search for the best in senior living interior design will be successful.
We've done some excellent work together, and would recommend him for many types of senior design roles.
John's passion for design and senior level of experience is displayed within his work.
He hit the ground running acting as a senior designer and mentor.
John's book and his methods not only brought a new perspective for seeing design, but also became an essential tool for all of our senior-level design classes.
He does this in his own design and guides the same in his team.
Without hesitation, we will be using him for the next store design.
He is one of those valuable designer who not just considers what he wants to achieve with a design, but understands that the how is just as important.
He can both mentor junior designers, teaching them best practices, as well as help more senior designers refine their craft.
As a senior designer, he can execute concepts into designs needed for any project.
John knows how to design for the branding and needs of the company.
Above all he is always willing to help others and has mentored many lighters to senior positions.
His way of writing was really inspiring even to seniors like him.
John helped us successfully with several senior appointments.
He would challenge senior staff on design and introduce new visuals.
John listened to all that was important to him and came up with several design options.
One example of him going above and beyond was in designing our notification system.
John grasps the importance of designing for different interfaces.
In the last year he has started to take on a more senior role and is turning into a better designer.
Clients love him as he is reliable, a great senior designer, Artworker and good all rounder
He's an outstanding senior design professional and a great colleague.
Working in tandem with him as senior level designers at our company, we constantly bounced ideas off each other.
Over the past three years he has hosted his senior graphic design students in his studio.
He picks up anything well and completes the assignment to the satisfaction of his seniors.
He is very well respected by all levels of clinicians as well as senior leadership.
He also provided input regarding personnel reviews, for those less senior to him.
Being so much senior to him, he made him feel comfortable and gave him confidence.
Managing multiple senior stakeholders is one of his greatest strengths
Being senior, he guided him many times and always very helpful to all.
As a senior, he is very cooperative and never shown any attitude.
John is a senior when it comes to the practice of our company.
John both inspired his team and challenged design conventions as well as being respected by our senior stakeholders.