Senior Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a senior engineer, he is highly competent, a diligent engineer.
Most of his engineers have gone on to senior or key positions within and without the company.
Our company many occasion John has to take an assignment which we have normally given to very senior engineers.
Unlike so many other senior engineers, he understands the science of quality engineering.
He took on tasks that more senior engineers would be asking for and was very enthusiastic with the opportunity to be challenged.
He always encourages you and never let you feel that you are an engineer and he is so senior to you.
He may have been young, but he had the aptitude and capability of a senior engineer.
He struck the right balance between guiding junior engineers and empowering senior engineers.
John is an asset to anyone looking for senior engineering talent.
He mentors less senior engineers in favorable and inspirational ways.
Being a senior engineer himself, it isn't often that you run into someone who you can learn from.
He learned quickly and was very receptive to suggestions from senior engineers.
Give him any senior profile for sourcing, particularly in the engineering sector and see the results.
John would be an excellent addition into a senior level engineering role.
John first started with us as an engineering intern during his senior year at our company.
John is a senior engineer on the team and everyone listened when he spoke.
He allowed his senior engineers to run their departments, but always knew what was going on.
A senior engineer there said he'd thought about the problem for seven years and hadn't come up with a solution.
He's done numerous senior engineering searches for him and always with an excellent outcome in less time than expected.
As a senior engineer, he is always willing to help and guide everyone with a warm and friendly smile.
He can very easily gain the trust of senior engineers and motivate them to go the extra mile.
He showed seniority even tough he was a very young, bright engineer during our company.
The amount of respect he practically gave to senior engineers was mesmerizing.
It helped him to be a successful senior engineer in all the years since leaving our company.
A senior engineer at the time, he was an excellent mentor and leader.
He can communicate with everyone from the most specialized engineer all the way up the senior leadership in an organization.
He is an effective mentor to architects and senior engineers.
For six months, he was the only senior engineer on the team, and shouldered the responsibility marvelously.
John is a tremendous force multiplying senior engineer to have on any team.
He works at very senior level and can pick up any complex engineering problem.
He knows how to motivate his team, whether they are very senior or junior engineers.
As a senior engineer he was able to train and guide other engineers to perform for our company.