Senior Executive Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Executive Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is equally adept at strategy and execution and has partnered with several senior executives with great results.
He's both knowledgeable and approachable, which is not all that common for senior executives.
He has a way of working with senior executives that is second to none.
He is an impact player that works well with other senior executives.
John is a very knowledgeable and experienced senior executive.
John engaged some of his more senior personnel to assist in many of these duties.
I would highly recommend him to any senior executive publishing position.
John is someone you can rely on to execute an idea from concept to execution with great results.
If he says that something will be done, it will be on time and well executed.
John is an executive that you would like to have in your organization.
John is not just an accomplished senior executive and business/marketing leader.
John is an extremely experienced senior executive with a strategic vision and the ability to execute it.
As an executive assistant, he is thorough, diligent with attention to the details.
John is well respected and regarded by senior executive peers and employees.
I would recommend him to any company looking for a senior executive to make positive changes within an organization.
John would be an asset to any organization and is sure to become an effective and well respected senior executive.
He's comfortable with senior executives, engaging and will connect the dots you didn't even see in the periphery.
He is able to get buy in from senior executives and ensure that the organization is behind the deal.
He also has a presence that earns him time and attention from senior executives.
Above all, he is open and willing to go after and execute on any and all ideas.
A+ when it comes to his execution from concept to completion.
Additionally, he provides clear and cogent executive summaries explaining technical aspects for senior executives.
I have worked with hundreds of senior executives over the years, and he is by far one of the best.
John is one of the most enlightened senior executives it has ever been my privilege to work with.
John is a very intelligent senior executive who is also extremely pragmatic.
John has truly been a game changer for me and fellow senior executives.
John is a keen and helpful executive and assists anyway he can when we require network assistance.
He is bright, articulate and adept at presenting ideas to senior executives.
While his responsibilities are of the most senior lever, he makes himself available to assist in matters both big and small.
His passion to assist and advocate for seniors and the under-served is unflagging.
Thereafter, he's assisted me in recruiting for senior appointments.
He is considered to be one the best when it comes to execution in our organization.
His execution is on-time, thorough, and usually quite illuminating.
John is also one of the most grounded executives you will meet.
John clearly understands the core leadership requirements of senior executive positions within government.
I think he was instrumental in all the great hirings of senior executives worldwide.
He was stellar at writing, communications for our senior executives.
He also looks out for his team members and is willing to take on more senior executives for his people.
It is my pleasure to have him as part of my senior executive team.
He is very well liked and respected by both his peers and executives.
His strategic focus makes him ideal for senior executive roles.
He interfaced with senior executives both at his company and mine with the utmost professionalism.
He is thorough in preparation and execution each and every time.
John was extremely hands-on and my confidence throughout, but more importantly, a very senior executive from my company.
John has proven himself to be an extremely effective senior technology executive.
John is amongst the finest senior executives in the technology space today.
John is an excellent executive coach, particularly at senior levels.
He would be a great asset as a senior executive of any organization.
He is the kind of executive that really wants his salespeople to make more than he does.
John executes with diligence, and is someone you can count on in all situations.
He knows his craft well and executes it with speed and diligence.
He was always open to new ideas and always reachable to execute.
He preaches with the example of an open and honest executive.
I would recommend him wholeheartedly as an accomplished senior media executive.
John is truly an international senior executive who carries more bonuses to his position than you can think of.
He has the tact necessary to prod senior executives so the schedule stays on track.
John always seems to be beautifully executing hundreds of things all at the same time.
He is an exceptional executive who is effective both inside and outside the organization.
He was our voice with the executives and was always willing to pass along our concerns.
I found him to be very dependable and efficient in the execution of his duties.