Senior Finance Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Finance Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John also well liked my his subordinates, peers and senior management.
He is an excellent manager and relates extremely well to senior management.
I highly recommend him for any senior finance role in any enterprise.
And it goes without mention that he is one of the best financial managers that one could ever hope to be associated with.
I happily placed my trust in him to help me manage my finances, and would look forward to doing so again.
John has heart when it comes to helping women manage their finances.
He had access to many senior financial opportunities as well known / respected companies.
He explained complicated finance topics in a way that senior execs could understand without having a finance background.
John is an effective manager with exceptional talents in finance, management and leadership.
He was recognized by his peers and senior management and his definitely missed.
John is highly regarded by all of his peers and senior management.
John would be an exceptional senior finance leader for any organization.
John has been instrumental in successfully managing the finances of our startup.
It was a pleasure to have him recommend me how to manage my finances and savings.
John is knowledgeable in many areas of finance and has a senior management presence and attitude.
He is valued to the senior management team and a great asset in a senior position.
He managed the finances very efficiently and been an asset to the organization.
John would be an asset to any company that employed him in a senior finance role, .
John helped us in a search for a senior finance position last year.
His knowledge in management, finance, leadership is exceptional.
Looking back, we should have financed more of the companies he presented.
He's been a great manager for myself as well as an entire finance team.
At the time he gave a lot help in our companies financing and management.
John was introduced to me as an entrepreneur needing financing.
He was always a very positive, calm and a proactive finance manager.
John is an experienced, driven, and detailed oriented senior manager.
John is an outstanding senior technology manager in many regards.
John is definitely in the right field as a senior move manager.
He has the ability to manage senior internal stakeholders whilst also getting the best from him agencies.
John is what all senior managers with an international remit should aspire to.
He was articulate and able to communicate with senior managers, peers and subordinates.
A very good reputation among the peers and seniors makes him a very good manager.
He relates well with his peers within the company and with senior management.
He also had a great knack of managing subordinates, peers and seniors.
He can interact with employees on all levels, up to and including senior management.
He is comfortable interacting with senior management and employees at all levels.
He's highly recommended to manage and plan anyone's finances.
He is friendly, trustworthy, punctual, and is willing to do everything he can get you the best deal on financing.
His favorite stream was finance and he was very sharp in that.
As a manager, he is thoughtful, thorough and finds just the right way to motivate a team of senior managers.
His long hours and patience with team members and with senior management make him an ideal manager.
John is a genius at interfacing with clients, colleagues, and senior management.