Senior Graphic Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Graphic Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was our graphic designer for the rebrand of our company and was awesome.
John was suggested to me by another graphic design company in my area.
John is a great graphic designer and was definitely an asset.
He is good in branding & identity design along with other graphic design work.
John is fully capable to handle a position of senior designer or lead designer.
He was a senior level designer and later become the lead level designer.
Thanks to him, our organization's image enhanced and it wasn't only due to him graphic designs.
John is an expert graphic designer who is responsive to the needs of his clients.
He was very motivating and constantly pushed me to become a better graphic designer.
He is a wonderful graphic designer and him prices are more than fair.
And if you can twist his arm, his graphic design isn't half bad too.
John helped me understand how to do a lot with graphic designs.
John is an extremely talented and thoughtful graphic designer.
I recommend him whenever possible to colleagues looking for graphic design work.
We have since recommended him to our schools for graphic design.
He is passionate and brilliant at whatever he does: graphic design or teaching.
John is good at and passionate about graphic design and tutoring.
He was very helpful in liaising with the graphic designer over the look of the wrappers and it was all done quickly and efficiently.
He mentored me to help bring me up to speed within flash as well as graphic design.
He helped me take care of some beginner designers and also seniors.
John's ability to combine original photography with graphics and design is outstanding.
He knows a lot about graphic design and shares it in in-depth articles.
John is such a talented graphic designer, email designer, and teacher.
John has been doing graphic design work for me for many years now, always with excellent results.
John is personable and makes the topic of graphic design much more approachable.
He is fantastic at coding, design, graphics, multimedia - anything.
He came up with a few great designs and even though the cooperation lasted just for a few weeks, he contributed to our graphic design a lot.
In addition, he understands of branding and graphic design is always impressive.
I highly recommend him for any graphic design or branding needs.
He is very detailed and his graphic design work is always above par.
Although his primary credentials are as a graphic designer, he value extends far beyond that.
John helped me to express my vision for my company through expert graphic design of my logo.
His work as a graphic designer has and continues to be exemplary.
His approach to graphic design blends an appropriate mix of innovation with classic design, resulting in a look that is current without being trendy.
Not only can he think strategically, but he has an eye for design.
I have seen him mentor many junior designers into more senior roles and elevate struggling designers to greater success.
Not only that, he helped me with some graphics for my presentations.
He' have been always providing us with a very good, flexible and original graphic design.
We use him first whenever we need to illustrate a concept graphically.
He's an outstanding senior design professional and a great colleague.
John was one of our first graphic designers, we used for our porcelain line of thermal mugs and cups.
He is a very talented graphic designer that is willing to listen to others ideas and concerns.
He is both a fabulous graphic designer as well as an incredible sounding board.
In addition, he's a fantastic graphic designer (and an awesome baker).
I can strongly recommend his work to anyone requiring a talented graphic artist/freelance senior designer.
During my transition into the company, he gave me more than enough material, all helpful for graphic designers.
His dedication to graphics and design is obvious as soon as you start working with him.
His graphic design work was outstanding and a true craftsman.
John is an intelligent designer who can offer various ideas and points of view on design issues.
He is a fantastic flash designer with great insight into strategic design.
He had a huge passion for graphic design, and learned so much during that time.
Because of his seniority and his experience, his abilities are versatile.
Working for him in several of his projects in the capacity of photographer and graphic designer.
Beyond graphic design, he has a grasp of advertising and a comfortable with copy that's rare for a designer.