Senior Instructional Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Instructional Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent instructional designer - by himself, with teammates or with vendors.
John is truly talented in his role as an instructional designer.
His instructional design solutions have been very practical and simple.
His instructional design is well crafted and he is an engaging facilitator.
I can whole-heartedly recommend him for nearly any position in the realm of instructional design.
John knows what good, effective instructional design looks like, and doesn't accept anything less.
John is an amazing instructional designer who really focuses on the needs of his students.
John was an excellent instructional designer and didn't mind helping others when needed.
For the first, he was the trainer for several instructional design workshops.
He loves learning, which makes him great at instructional design.
John's instructional design knowledge and abilities are exceptional.
John is an enthusiastic, very analytical and talented senior designer.
John has a solid background in instructional design which allows him to perform needs assessments and create course designs with ease.
He is undeniably an exceptional instructional designer who strives for excellence in everything he does.
John combines the incredible capability in instructional design with the principles of performance technology.
He is also very attentive to the instructional design components and easy to collaborate with.
Him the ability to conceptualize and create instructional design deliverables is unsurpassed.
John brings a collaborative and thoughtful approach to instructional design.
He is a great instructional designer and is very good at rapid prototyping.
He's never afraid to ask if my design brief or instructions were ever unclear or if he had input to give while working on design ideas together.
He introduced me to the adult learning theory and instructional design.
He really pays attention to directions and adheres to all design instructions.
He is well-versed in instructional design, technology, and methodology.
John is a senior, highly dedicated and motivated instructional designer who works with diligence and efficiency.
He is extremely knowledgeable and has an extensive background in instructional design.
John is an energetic instructional designer who has genuine enthusiasm for his work.
It was also clear that he was a knowledgeable, experienced instructional designer.
As an instructional designer his work was consistent and of the highest caliber.
He had in-depth knowledge of instructional design and our company modules.
He is an extraordinary mentor for any junior or senior designer.
He is smart, quick and a very creative instructional designer.
I especially admire his taste in graphic design and his passion for the instructional design process.
His talents as a facilitator and an instructional designer are boundless.
He displayed an infectious zeal during his tenure as an instructional designer and was very popular with his pupils.
He knows instructional design theory and knows how to apply these principles in a practical manner.
John is a conscientious instructional designer and has a wide range of capabilities.
He truly is a "servant leader" who brings out the best in instructional designers.
He designed his conferences around the feedback that he received from the senior stakeholders and panelists.
He was very engaging in our training and instructional design meeting.
John has the foresight and vision that sets him apart from other senior design executives.
I recommend him to any senior or any family whose senior needs more help that their current environment provides.
John has challenged me in many ways to help me grow and learn more about the profession of instructional design.
He's autonomous, eager to learn new things, and has great instructional design instincts.
His instructional design prowess is outstanding; his attention to detail excellent.
His knowledge and presentation using instructional design concept is good.
He is an expert from needs analysis, instructional design, facilitation, through implementation.
He designed tools for decision making and explained instructions with ease.
He has a strong grasp of technology as well as instructional design.
John always ensured the integrity and legitimacy of the instructional design and rationale for it.
John is an excellent instructional designer, able to take even unfamiliar topics and make it come to life for learners.
John is an excellent irrigation designer with deep knowledge of the latest in irrigation design.
As a gifted graphic designer, he was able to bring that creativity to his role as an instructional designer.
John is an energetic and thoughtful instructional designer that would be an asset to any team.
With his addition, we instantly had subject matter expertise in adult education/training and instructional design.
His willingness to share his expertise in instructional design makes him an asset to any group.
He has also done excellent instructional design work for my company for several clients.