Senior Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If something needed to be done, he would do it, which cannot be said about most members of senior management.
Clients, senior management, or colleagues, he just knows how to get the best out of people.
John is one of our senior campaign managers during that time.
Whether presenting to senior technical groups or senior management, he always manages to hit the mark.
He is the best example of senior management - he manages both up and down with equal transparency and clarity, and is reasonable in all things.
He shares his vision and understands how to manage senior managers as well as very large organisations.
He also managed to create a very positive impact on the minds of the senior management.
He managed the politics to craft and the force that only a senior manager knows how.
He also mentored him through his first few interactions with senior managers.
He can work with both seniors and juniors, manage and be managed.
John also knows how to scale management approaches and styles from micromanaging small teams up to manage other senior managers.
John's ability to manage a team whilst also managing the expectations of senior managers is a strength.
He made sure that his opinions and needs were not lost and that they were considered by senior management.
Though he was senior to us, he was very friendly throughout and managed the assignments with ease.
Peers look to him for guidance, but senior management also looks to him for perspective and insight.
He clearly had the vision that others did not and he was able to get buy in from senior management.
DI provided the right amount at our company for senior managers to make the right decisions
This is not often seen in senior management and further highlights his excellent leadership.
He knows how to manage the expectations of seniors and come up with ideas for improvements.
He gets along extremely well with colleagues at his own level and with senior management.
He would be wasted in any position lower than senior management within an organisation.
He can be depended upon to get things done and is highly regarded by senior management.
He puts his ideas out there and many of them have been adopted by senior management.
John can talk to and manage any stakeholder, regardless of their level of seniority.
He proved to senior management that these changes were necessary and effective.
He endeared himself to the new and existing employees and their senior managers.
It has been often that senior management would choose him for advise and facilitate
John embodies all of the characteristics that one desires in senior management.
Always happy to help others, he is an excellent board for other senior managers.
His efforts were well recognized by senior management within our organization.
This has been recognized with his advancement to senior management positions.
His expertise and enthusiasm make all the difference with senior management.
At senior management level, he always stepped up to take up more when needed.
He always delivers value and interfaces effectively with senior management.
His senior management insights are significant, and always oh so helpful.
The standout example for him is his ability to manage senior stakeholders.
Every forecast he made, advising the senior managers, actually happened.
He managed the deadlines really well and was in good grades of seniors.
As an intern, he was given various assignments from senior management.
He deals well with everyone from senior managers to union officials.
His stakeholders and senior leadership, management are second to none.
Great steed for any senior management he make seek in the future.
Exxon senior management was highly impressed with his abilities.
John organisation would be lucky to have him as a senior manager.
John's ability and experience make him the ideal senior manager.
He can easily align himself with the senior management's vision.
As a senior manager of our company, he was very well respected.
As expected, he has continued to progress to senior management.
He would be an asset to any company for senior manager's role.
John is a senior manager, kind of took him under his wing.
John impressed him as senior manager from the very beginning.
Our company endorses John for further senior management roles.
He manages up as well as down, inspiring teams while handling the pressure from senior management.
And goes to bat for his team, managing down and setting expectations to senior management.
John manages with an even hand and minimizes the emotional swings that characterize many senior managers.
John works superbly with everyone - vendors, colleagues, managers, and senior management.
His demonstrated ability to manage growth and senior approach to stakeholder management.
He is a good manager and would make an excellent senior management material
He manages his team well and gets on well with those senior to him.
He did a very thorough job getting to really know him and his management style before having his interview with senior management.
John periodically followed up with himself and even brought him senior management in to meet.
From the people he is managing right up to those in very senior authoritative roles.
John contributed also very well the decisions of the senior management department.
John presented to our senior management for an hour and we were all very impressed.
Whoever he works for and with will gain more than just another senior manager.
John knows how to work well with others and with senior levels of management.
He is often sought out for his advice by peers and by senior management.
He's especially good at senior management engagement and influencing.
John is very engaging and commands attention of his senior managers.
John is not only his senior manager, but also a cherished mentor.
John became a mentor to many of our middle and senior managers.
As senior manager, he brought his strong experience in managing important organisations.
Many people enrolled in his courses, including senior project managers and senior managers.
John is a very senior manager, passionate about his job and the customers he has managed.
He is very well thought of by senior management and by his staff.
He is also capable of managing the expectations of senior management, and he is involved in many of the strategic decisions.
John is his manager while at our company and he rose through the ranks very quickly to his senior site manager role.
His ability to manage and push along the resolution of complex problems endeared him to many in senior management.
John displayed very good political attributes in dealing with senior management and managing expectations.
John succeeds in managing the territory and bring it to the level the senior management asked for.
He manages to the lowest level of detail, but is comfortable & assured around senior management.
His finance and management background gives him the edge for any senior and or management position.
He is one of the rare senior managers that successfully straddles both technology and management.
He engages senior management as appropriate to drive decisions.
As a manager, he always keeps an open communication with the group and with the senior managements.
John can sell to any management or senior management level of a prospective client.
People do not always agree with him, but that is because they don't always "get" what he is saying - whereas senior management almost invariably does.
He would persist in questioning other senior managers until he was satisfied everything was being done properly.
He tries to be as flexible as he can but knows when to manage expectations and push back to senior stakeholders.
We wish him the very best in his future endeavors and he definitely makes an excellent senior management hire.
At the same time, he is willing to take advice and guidance from senior management within the organization.
In this more substantial capacity, he further endeared himself to his colleagues and to senior management.
When you look for a tried and proven (experienced) senior manager who will deliver you know who to call.
Everyone saw how his presence added value to our organization and he was respected by senior management.
The senior and hiring managers were very sorry to have him leave and they would rehire him immediately.
Although he was one of the senior managers, but none in the organization ever hesitated to talk to him.
Have always seen him being praised by the senior management in his organisation for his earned success.
John is very good at anticipating the questions that senior management would ask about his numbers.
Finally, he was comfortable and persuasive in articulating his recommendations to senior management.
John would be a considerable acquisition for any organisation looking for senior management.
John took on the responsibility with the zeal and effort you look for from a senior manager.
John's background in senior management roles gives him the edge on many of his counterparts.
In addition, he always ensured that senior management were provided with timely updates.
He's down to earth, and doesn't have the aloof manner of many senior managers out there.
He is well respected by senior management and had a reputation for getting things done.
He does not use his authority as manager or seniority ranking to push his viewpoint.
These characteristics have earned him the respect of colleagues and senior managers.
John is able to guide him to success and was his champion to senior management.
As a senior manager, he would definitely prove to be an asset to any organization.
He immediately managed to add value in bringing his seniority in the organization.
He set appropriate expectations with senior management and delivers on promises.
The senior management relied heavily on him to guide them through each challenge.
He excelled at managing all of his stakeholders, including those senior to him.
Some of his ideas were found truly remarkable by the company's senior management.
John's most profound lesson with his seniors was on time management in college.
The amount of things he's achieved at his age is an insult to senior managers.
He is this kind of a senior manager who you would describe as inspirational.
He garners the respect of very senior and discriminating hiring management.
He commanded the utmost respect from his coworkers and senior management.
John is also aware of his own shortcomings, rare in senior management.
It is no surprise that he now finds himself in a senior management role.
He surpassed senior management expectations for his exceptional efforts.
John demonstrates all the attributes of a successful senior manager.
This makes him a positive influence and force for senior management.
As a consequence, he quickly rose to being one of his senior managers.
He is his senior manager, but he never gave an impression as a boss.
John is a fantastic example of what a senior manager should be.
John will no doubt grow into a very successful senior manager.
John deals with senior level candidates and management with ease.
We got very positive feedback from our participants and the our company senior management.
Our company wonder then that he soon rose to the level of a senior manager for Enlighten.
Our company senior managers see roadblocks, John views these as opportunities.
He held two senior management roles simultaneously at our company.
Having spent numerous years as senior manager at our company.
As part of the senior management team, he was an approachable and dedicated manager.
He great at managing a team and at the same time dealing with senior management.
His guidance to senior management is always insightful and often creative.
What topped it was how well he communicated them to the senior management.
John would best be utilized in senior to upper management positions.
As senior manager, he is management mentally oriented and he knows from where to tackle and how to achieve score cards.
He would work and was respected by all levels of management, including senior level management.
He will be an asset to the team and senior management, where ever he goes.
In addition, he is really an asset to have in the senior management team.
Being a senior manager meant he had to look after several teams.
As a senior manager, he exhibits qualities valued by senior management and staff alike.
Foremost, he is a great communicator, both with senior management and with the people he manages.
Along the way, he's provided an excellent example of the need for and ability of members of senior management to be multidimensional.
He very quickly engaged with all of the senior managers and has collaborated across the whole site.
His follow through expeditiously, and made sure candidates were presented to senior management.
He has often confided in by those who report to him, and he is trusted by senior management.