Senior Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has grown into a senior profile and would certainly be comfortable in a senior management position.
John was both a top producer and senior manager over the marketing division.
John is a well balanced senior life science, marketing manager.
He is excellent at managing up and building senior management consensus.
He is an innovator in his craft and was able to quickly gain the trust of the senior marketing managers.
John, as one of the senior managers in the company, definitely contributed to this success.
I recommend him for anyone looking for a senior strategic marketer.
John inability to lead non-marketing senior management to conscience and action.
I would certainly endorse him for any senior marketing position in gaming.
John is an extremely creative and energetic senior marketeer.
He was liked and appreciated by colleagues, peers and seniors both in marketing and outside.
His passion for marketing coupled with his attention to detail makes him an ideal choice for any senior marketing position.
John identified and arranged initial meetings with senior marketing managers - not an easy task.
John would be an asset to any company taking up any senior marketing leadership positions.
He is an extrovert with phenomenal contacts in the market, especially at the senior level.
He exceeded our expectations and had excellent ratings from fellow senior marketers.
John is an experienced senior marketer with a broad understanding of the discipline.
John is a hungry senior marketeer who always challenges the status quo.
John is a mature, results orientated, very capable senior marketer.
John is an outstanding marketer and senior executive, with a deep understanding of both traditional marketing and emerging/e-commerce marketing trends.
John is everything you look for in a senior marketing executive.
Whoever he works for and with will gain more than just another senior manager.
John, unlike many senior marketeers nowadays doesn't claim to be an expert.
He was a senior member of our global marketing management team, a trusted colleague and an innovative marketer.
From the people he is managing right up to those in very senior authoritative roles.
He adds value not just as a marketer, but as a senior member of the management team.
He is a brilliant senior marketer with many years of experience.
I recommend him highly for senior product management and marketing roles.
I can always rely on his enthusiasm and professionalism and would recommend him to anyone looking for a senior marketing manager.
He has a vision for innovation that transcends what most senior marketers can even fathom.
John was promoted several times during his tenure with the company and provided senior management with a benchmark of what makes a successful market manager.
John was the kind of senior management that every company should aspire to find.
John is very capable, open minded and thoughtful senior manager.
He is well liked by everyone who works with him and interacts well with senior management.
He worked well with senior management throughout the organization.
Highly recommend him for senior marketing roles that require creativity.
A detailed hands on marketing manager, he is an asset to have in any senior marketing profile role for organisations at all stages of growth.
John is an excellent marketer and marketing leader, and has been an invaluable senior member of my team.
He deserves serious consideration for any senior brand or marketing position.
John brought a very energetic, marketing-savvy approach where he managed to get the best out of his culturally diverse senior management team.
John is a truly forward-thinking, ambitious senior-level marketer.
This combined with his solid marketing background make him stand apart and makes him a perfect candidate for senior management roles.
John has to be one of the best senior marketing clients to work with.
John is a great senior marketing manager who is able to create marketing messages that are easy to understand and yet work as differentiators in the marketplace.
His work has always been through and ready for submission to senior management.
He is respected both by senior management and by those that work for him.
He quickly established himself among senior management as a strong advocate for marketing and a creative and well rounded marketer himself.
John is a senior marketing management and brand strategy professional.
He is also a savvy senior marketer who intuitively understands both the key and undefined needs of his marketplace and knows how to reach them.
John is one of the few senior management people around who are so clear in their minds about what is to be done and how.
In addition, he gets on with people really well and is excellent in managing senior stakeholders.
John's conferences are a mandatory experience for anyone who serves the senior market.
I can't think of anyone more suited to a product manager or senior marketing position than him.
Yet he somehow manages to do this while championing the role of marketing as part of the senior management, being available and open to new ideas and being a thoroughly nice bloke too.
If you're looking for a senior marketing professional, he has my highest recommendation.
John has been both a senior ad agency exec and a senior marketing exec on the corporate side.
Besides his expertise, he was chosen for his ability to engage and connect with senior marketers very effectively.
John' feel for innovation and intuition of consumers makes him a great senior marketer.
John's digital marketing course as a second semester senior right before graduation.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to recommend him for any senior marketing position.