Senior Merchandiser Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Merchandiser Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John easily has this effect on all of his colleagues; both those his senior and those he is senior to.
Though he is senior to him, but never shows off his seniority has always been a friend to him.
Though he was very senior to him, he never made that distinction.
He would get along very well with his colleagues and more importantly, with all his seniors.
His expectations of when deals will come in is what makes him the most senior.
Though he was his senior, he was always ready to help him out in any matter.
Respects his colleagues as well as seniors without any discrimination
Finally, obviously he's his senior, but he never made him feel below him.
He does this so well across different cultures and levels of seniority.
Regardless of his seniority, he always made him feel like an equal.
He's not one to over rule others just because he's senior to them.
Executives who were senior to him often looked to him for advice.
Above all, he is clearly passionate about serving the seniors.
He gets things done without burdening his seniors in any way.
It's no wonder he has gone on to senior leadership since our company.
His merchandising expertise was second to none other in our group.
John is on the ball when it comes to trends and merchandising.
John always seemed more senior than him position - and was eager to take on new responsibilities.
The excellent feedback we had from all our seniors couldn't have been possible without him effort.
John now and beyond graduation because of the guidance he has given him through his senior year.
He approached him tasks as well as - if not better than - someone many years his senior.
He makes himself available for any task and is never "two senior" when being approached.
Though he is away too senior than him, but he made him comfortable during our discussions.
At all times he was at least two levels senior to him and always made himself available.
He did this so that he could make sure his priorities aligned with senior leadership.
John is able to get the best out of him and he was a pleasure to have as his senior.
As senior as he is, he still had the enthusiasm that separates him from all around.
He gets along extremely well with the seniors as well as colleagues at his level.
John, even in a very senior position, was always available to help and advise
Despite of him being a seasoned senior to him, he always have been approached
Seniors rolled over him more than his seniors to give him responsibilities.
John organization would be fortunate to have him among its senior leadership.
Working with him as a senior in college had always been quite challenging.
John's role to mine is more senior, but he doesn't carry himself that way.
At the same time he's very senior and knows how to fight for the targets.
John always came across as a senior who could be approached any time.
For someone that is so senior, he is incredibly approachable and humble.
To him, he was always well-grounded and down to earth senior colleagues
He did both of his sons senior pictures and they came out wonderful.
That said, he is not afraid to challenge his seniors and colleagues.
His opinion has authority, but he will not insist on him seniority.
All and all he was one of very helpful and inspirational senior for him.
More importantly though, he is senior and inclined to leadership.
John is smiling and always ready to help his colleagues and seniors.
A number of his seniors were rather annoyed for being overlooked.
Our senior leadership was pleased with how he got things moving.
John is senior to him and really helped push him over that time.
This combination makes him well-suited for very senior roles.
He is exceptional at getting the buy in of senior leadership.
And as his senior, he encourages him to grow to his potential.
John is one of his first and best senior hires at our company.
John always had obstacles to overcome because of merchandising delays.
And as senior as he is, he treats everyone equally, which, whilst should be a given, doesn't always happen.
John despite all his seniority is down to earth, approachable, friendly and always available for help.
As his senior, he was always able to help him figure something out and provided plenty of encouragement.
He also has the courage to tell the senior leadership what they don't want to hear but need to hear.
Keen to better understand the senior participants he connects and follows up with diligence.
It didn't matter that he was senior in the organization, he always valued his contributions.
His immediate seniors had been found to keen to offload more & more responsibilities on him.
What appealed him the most about him is the respect he has for seniors and his humble nature.
A colleague, who, while being senior to him within our organization, always makes him feel equal.
John took his daughter's senior pictures and we could not be more pleased with the results.
John is well respected in the organization by his subordinates and senior leadership.
In spite of his seniority, he was always willing to help no matter how small the issue.
Despite being a senior, he always mixes around with everyone and treats everyone equally.
John has made a positive difference in the lives of the seniors whom he has touched.
He is quite young at the time to really be a senior, but he really was in his opinion.
Sitting, talking and listening went so far with most of the seniors and he knew this.
John to offer this great opportunity for our seniors and several have followed since.
To this extent, he is not awed by the seniority or the reputation of the adversary.
Dhinesh is one of his seniors who always had a very friendly exposure to everyone.
He treats all of us not as minions, but as equals despite his seniority of status.
He seems to have heard the advice of more senior comedians and actually listened.
He deserves every consideration if you are considering him for a senior position.
In spite of being senior, he is a good friend and is always available when needed.
Although he was once his boss, he will always remain his respected senior friend.
He also very good at handling the needs and expectations of senior candidates.
With his commitment, he would be definitely suitable for any senior position.
It is no wonder that he has been selected to move on to a more senior position.
He successfully took on several senior roles in some challenging environments.
John came off as a really sharp senior who had answers to all our queries.
His hard work and dedication were always appreciated by seniors and colleagues.
Under his tutelage, many of his employees have progressed onto senior roles.
John has an incredible way of connecting to and advising senior leadership.
As young as he may be, he is much more senior in years, than his age belies.
John also did senior portraits for both of his sons, which turned out great.
John would be an excellent senior leadership addition to any organisation.
John truly prevailed in our senior capstone courses which we had together.
His seniority allows him to quickly adapt to any challenging environment.
Also, even though he holds a senior position, he is always accessible.
Despite his senior role he's very accessible, down to earth and affable.
John collaborates effectively with senior stakeholders and colleagues.
Many at times he has amazed our seniors with his logics and algorithms.
John for a senior developer/researcher/scientist position anywhere.
His advice, particularly to senior executives/partners, is rock solid.
He isn't phased by seniority and is balanced and fair with all levels.
John will, without any doubt, excel in roles of increasing seniority.
His pleasing disposition was disarming even to the toughest seniors.
He will add substantial value to any senior position he will hold.
He understands senior stakeholder needs and delivers what they want.
His ability of maintaining rapport with seniors is really laudable.
Engineers with greater tenure and seniority often seek his insight.
The more senior him position, the broader this effect will be felt.
John colleagues look up to him and senior colleagues respect him.
John acted with seniority and was a much appreciated colleague.
He would be an excellent candidate for any senior level position.
John remains calm when under pressure from senior stakeholders.
John is absolutely qualified for any senior editing position.
Though a senior, he was very approachable and extremely helpful.
John is an expert that senior leadership relied on immensely.
He is someone who grew into a senior role without hesitation.
John sir, for him is a senior by choice rather than by mandate.
He should rise to very senior position of responsibility soon.
With his seniority at the firm, he sought out advice at times.
John can really see the potential of anyone and you won't be intimidated with his seniority because of his humility.
The new role was to be based on our company, and it was very senior and quite specific.
John is his senior in his college and he has been very helpful to him.
Our company comment of John had been heard from his colleagues and senior.
John provided valuable senior leadership during his time in our company.
Couldn't recommend him highly enough in any senior our company role.
His senior position and success of our company are well-earned.
He has been the senior our company contact for our organisation.
Additionally, he has served in several senior voluntary positions with our company.
When this endorsement comes from a senior our company, you take note.
John then moved quickly on to more senior roles in our company.
His passion for living is the same as it was as a senior at our company.