Senior Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is capable of taking concepts and turning them into operating success without significant senior management intervention.
John is a dynamic senior manager with extensive knowledge in operation management and improvement.
John was one of our senior campaign managers during that time.
John has successfully had the opportunity to work with all management levels, from operational to senior.
John handles senior level contacts very well and would be an asset to anyone looking to sell to senior management.
John is a dedicated senior manager of large scale operations, and is adept at managing large teams.
He is very capable of operating at senior levels and of balancing the needs of his various stakeholders.
John is a very driven guy, and credible with senior operational audiences.
He can operate easily at very senior levels and has reputational credibility.
He operates effectively at all levels, whether it's rolling up his sleeves in the trenches or advising senior management.
John is one of the best program/project managers in our operations team.
John was the overall operations manager responsible for the team.
He is what you want in any senior operations role: the safest pair of hands in the company.
John then moved on to a senior position in operations where he continued to shine.
I've now seen him operate at senior and junior levels and managed to react well to both.
He works well with all levels of the organization, from senior management to operational personnel.
I would definitely recommend his services for any senior positions in management, operations and building/construction/design.
John was as proactive as the senior management team could expect given the organizational and operational growth.
John is an amazing blend of marketing, analysis, senior management and operations.
His client is from the operations side, or senior management, not from marketing.
John, during his tenure with us, has managed the operations area very well and is held in high esteem by his seniors and colleagues.
He's one of the best operators in our space, a senior startup exec with an entrepreneurial mind.
He can operate at any level in an organisation and can command respect from senior colleagues.
He is a fast learner and has the gravitas to operate well at senior levels.
For a number of years he has been operating at a senior level.
John has the rare ability to be an effective communicator to both operations personnel and to senior management.
John is a manager that makes sure his team operates to the best of their abilities.
He is managing the operations team in infoedge very efficiently.
John was as comfortable operating at senior management levels as he was at performing more mundane activities.
John operated as a strategic partner with senior stakeholders.
Though much senior, he excelled when it came to teamwork and co-operation.
He brings perspectives that are current and demand action on the board, senior management and operational levels.
His know-how in operations management, growth, and scaling has been indispensable in our effort and success.
He has the ability to think both from a strategic angle and an operational angle which makes him the right candidate for any senior management role.
His work was always appreciated by his peers and senior management.
John is a very effective senior operational manager who thinks strategically and analytically.
John is particularly good in client facing roles and comes across very well with senior management.
He makes an excellent manager who is able mediate between the senior and the junior management successfully.
I recommend him without qualification for any senior financial or operational position.
He is a very senior contributor able to operate in a fast paced environment.
As a senior manager, he provides clear direction and feedback, while allowing me to manage the day to day operations and issues.
He is also able to articulate ideas and concepts and make them easily understood by senior managers.
He is a well liked and respected member of the senior operational leadership team.
He always keeps his operations buttoned up and is the mother hen to any team he manages.
John is an effective operator and manages his team with great passion.
He connects well with senior managers and understands their drivers.
He helped me extricate myself from the day-to-day operations by strengthening my senior management team.
He has consistently delivered operating at senior levels with both clients and agencies.
John's a great manager - well respected by both senior management and the people that work for him.
John now works with some of my team as they progress into senior management.
After a couple of months he was fully operational and he was able to teamwork with more senior people.
John was able to manage the contribution of a number of senior managers as well as outside vendors, earning appreciation from all.