Senior Product Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Product Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His understanding of product management goes far beyond most of his peers.
He would be passionate about his products and ensure that the entire lifecycle of the product was managed well.
He intimately understands the tradeoffs made by product management to ship a product.
His approach motivates and energizes senior management as well as the product team.
John is an ambitious senior product manager with a knack for understanding his customers and making the best possible products for them.
John well knows product management from both an inbound and outbound perspective.
He was without a doubt one of the best product managers in the company.
John was a great manager for some of the company's best products.
John is the ideal product manager any company could ever wish for.
In other words, he's exactly what a product manager should be.
He always delivers value and interfaces effectively with senior management.
His ability to interface with senior management has been vital.
He is well respected by both the staff that he manages and senior management alike.
John was always accommodating respectful and capable of working with senior management to increase productivity.
John is a very senior product manager with unbelievable depth and breadth of knowledge.
He pitched a product all senior management was frightened of security concerns with any wireless product.
He made presentations to senior management and interacted effectively with all levels of management and non-management within the company.
I'd recommend him for any senior production role and he'd be especially good managing an entire team.
Later, as a product manager, he proved his capabilities quickly with the launch of numerous new products that were very profitable.
He managed a major new product from concept to product definition to launch and exceeded expectations.
During this time he managed the launch of several significant products.
John proactively engages with him product management counterparts.
As as senior product manager, charting new courses for products and services, he managed an aggressive enthusiastic and successful team.
He endeared himself to the new and existing employees and their senior managers.
He deserves to be in the post of senior manager of any organization.
As expected, he has continued to progress to senior management.
John managed the whole process like an insightful and experienced product manager.
John is an effective senior manager with particular strengths in relationship and stakeholder management.
John is a highly organized, creative and energetic senior product manager.
In his role, he was an important link between management and production.
He had great insights about the product and played the role of a product manager as well.
John took on the role of senior animator with enthusiasm, diligence, and productiveness.
John worked well with the senior management team as contributing to the launch of several new products.
John's drive to succeed quickly took him to a senior product management role leaving others behind.
His passion for product management is what he brings to the table which makes all the difference.
I highly recommend him to any company looking for expertise in product management.
He managed the total production capacity of one of our major factories.
He is an excellent product manager with an outstanding capacity to create new ideas to improve products.
He is effective at managing upwards into senior management either directly or as a representative of the broader product function.
This has endeared him to both individual contributors and the senior management equation.
The senior management relied heavily on him to guide them through each challenge.
I fully recommend him for any good senior management opportunity.
John is also very good at producing management and merchandising.
John is one of the most diligent, focused and sharp senior product managers you could hope to work with.
His technical knowledge of our products rivaled many of the senior managers.
However; he has performed very well in senior management positions too.
Because of him, we become the product managers who are able to deliver the world-class, cutting edge products and shine anywhere.
He is incredibly productive and has so much to manage yet always has the time and presence for you.
John is also very purposeful in all his actions, managing his time to maximize his productivity.
He understood time management, productivity and was very straight forward in his approach.
He is effective at both management and production, and would be an asset to any organization.
John has been managing continuity products efficiently and effectively for years.
John built that studio from scratch and managed it during the entire production.
He is well versed in our company products as well as several over commodities he has managed over the years.
He looks out for his employees and is a great "buffer" with senior management.
His grasp of business and product strategy would qualify him to be a senior product manager if he wanted to.
John was a pleasure to work with - he is an experienced and highly competent senior product manager.
He then managed the product launch process and management of multiple stakeholders.
John in an experienced senior manager with excellent skills in product management and finance.
He understands the difference between asking and need which is an important trait for product managers.