Senior Program Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Program Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a highly competent, well prepared and dedicated senior program manager.
John, my senior at college took introductory programming classes for us.
John was also involved in the university's choral program and theater program.
Topping all of that, he's an amazing program and people manager.
John excelled in people management and has a deep understanding of program management.
He is a great program manager and an exceptional people manager.
John is an outstanding program manager who consistently gets results.
He also very successfully managed a worldwide change management program.
John was a Co host of the program which in itself was a start up program.
John was senior in the program and was extremely helpful in mentoring students, like myself, that were adapting to a new program.
John is very engaging and commands attention of his senior managers.
John is a great senior manager and a very detailed oriented and task focused program manager.
He is an insightful manager of people and well respected by his peers and senior managers.
John was the best with personnel management and really knows how to deliver on a program.
He is honest and reliable and very capable in program management.
He himself is a good trainer, conducted several programs for top and senior management level, and his programs were well appreciated.
John has a very extensive and broad background that together with his program management skill sets make him a very suitable candidate for any senior management position.
He has managed difficult and complex programs for the department.
John has successfully facilitated several senior management meetings.
He's especially good at senior management engagement and influencing.
He was well-respected and liked by his subordinates and had the confidence of senior management of the company.
He was also a mentor to other less senior managers across the company.
John has all the tools and experience to play a very senior program management role.
He was my go-to, right hand when it came to managing client programs.
John has been my vendor engagement manager, program manager and scrum master.
His forward thinking and insight as a senior program manager was invaluable to the organization and the company.
John helped me bring on board two senior program managers in a short amount of time.
He is definitely someone you want keynoting your conference programs.
He has many different programs to help take you to your next level.
I've found all him programs and books very well done and helpful.
He is someone to be trusted to take any program to greatness.
He is experienced in managing programs with consistent, successful results.
John consistently delivered excellent results in the programs he managed.
He very quickly engaged with all of the senior managers and has collaborated across the whole site.
John displayed very good political attributes in dealing with senior management and managing expectations.
Undoubtedly, this is part of what makes him such a successful program manager.
He is an immensely talented senior program manager who is hugely effective and highly competent.
John is a very seasoned and methodical program manager who has consistently demonstrated the ability to manage very complex, large programs.
John is an excellent program manager and would be an asset to any organization.
He quickly became effective and reliable in his position as program manager.
John has done a lot of things for this company, program manager being one.
He excels in managing complex programs with a can-do attitude.
John is a senior program manager with excellent skills for managing large, complex projects and programs.
John delivered program updates to senior leadership that were easy to follow and understand.
John is a well seasoned program manager who can manage multiple streams of work.
John is an example of an ethical manager who is respected amongst his peers, subordinates and seniors.
John is respected by his colleagues, peers and senior management alike.
He has been recommended to carry out training programs for seniors in the firm.
In the course of the deal, he portrayed confidence as he dealt with senior management and him colleagues.
As a program manager, he was instrumental in bringing in the different functions and come out with a common agenda for the program.
He was an excellent partner, created innovative programs for our high potentials and senior managers, and ensured program outcomes were successful.
He has forged new relationships with senior managers and teams while adding immense value to the program.
He contributed to senior leadership programs and was considered an expert in his field-management and leadership.
John has wisdom, something that is not taught in any program or university.
He's been accommodating and willing to tailor his program to my needs.
He also ensured that the program went smoothly during the conference.
Him program alone uplifted the mood of the overall conference.
John, managed to explain, suggest and guide us in every step of the way in getting us set up onto the program.
He has been instrumental in the program management efforts over several global transformation's.
He was instrumental in helping to sell the value of the capability of the program management.