Senior Project Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Project Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also gives engineer's the space they need to complete tasks and project.
He was one of my go-to guys and dealt with change, new assignments and projects like a senior engineer should.
I wouldn't start an important engineering project without him looking at it.
John is an outstanding engineer who is willing to go above and beyond to not only complete his projects, but also in helping others to ensure that they are successful in their projects as well.
John worked with me on various projects as a senior research engineer.
I've enjoyed his enthusiasm in the projects and would recommend him for any senior network engineer position.
We collaborated on several projects together and he helped me tremendously in several of my projects as well.
John is an innovative engineer, who can easily solve problems with projects.
He not only focusses on the project initiatives, but also looks into an overall improvement of an individual outside project.
On projects which he worked on, he went beyond what is required and contributed so much more to the success of the project.
I have seen him multitasking on many projects along with having deep knowledge and grasp of each of those projects.
I would like to work with him on any new project: his presence means that the project will be successful.
He works with diligence on any project he is given and ensures the success of the project.
He gives his all to every project assigned to him, and works to ensure project success.
John was the senior exec on the project and led the team at every phase.
His results speak for themselves as right after we completed our rebranding project, we have engaged him for another new project.
His engineering background allows him to see and understand the details of a project.
John brought knowledge and expertise to this project and every other project that he has been involved with.
John was always understanding, always took into consideration what us senior engineers would request/recommend whether it be for a project, task, or in general.
John is a very honest and well organised engineer with good engineering qualifications and broad project experience.
I have known him for many years and liaised with him and his senior team on a couple of projects.
I had worked with him for a few projects, he describe all the details of the project clearly.
John was responsible for a complex global project and took no time at all to gain buy in from senior stakeholders and move the project forward.
John is a dedicated, flexible engineer that will do whatever it takes to make a project succeed.
John is a very sharp engineer who quickly comes up to speed on new projects and tools.
John's gift is to be able to keep senior stakeholders across all aspects of projects and programs to their satisfaction.
He is energetic and always ready to take on new projects - particularly when the project involves vendor relationships.
I wish him all the success and look forward to work together in some more projects.
He was exceedingly knowledgeable and was always willing to help with any project.
I look forward to working with him again on another successful project.
He's very knowledgeable and is well involved in most of our projects.
When you are working with him on any project you are sure of success.
He has worked with me on several projects that were very successful.
John has been very helpful with some of our strategic projects.
His knowledge of the overall project has always been impressive.
I will truly miss his knowledge when he rolls off this project.
Since then he has been put on projects that should've been filled with senior level engineers and did top notch work.
He is always really on top of his projects and is not afraid to let people know the need to step it up for the project to finish on time.
We worked together on our first project and he nailed it from day one; we then connected with several other projects.
He is detail oriented in his approach and has handled both the positions as any engineering project.
Considers his reports well-being, as well as the project priorities.
I had the pleasure of reporting directly to him on various projects.
I reported to him directly and indirectly in several projects.
He came in at a critical time of the project and his help is instrumental in the success of this project.
He always stood for best engineering practices, and took the complexities connected with introducing them in a project.
Being a senior employee to me his expertise always helps me in many complex scenarios to make the project a success.
John not only gets projects done, but done intelligently and right the first time.
If you are lucky enough to have him on your project, the project will move forward with success because of his expertise and capacity for work.
He works to understand the project from all stakeholder perspectives and how the success of the project will be defined.
John has worked with me and advised me on a number of projects - each project more successful than the last.
Every project he has worked on has been a success, even when multitasking on multiple projects at once.
John's strategic vision and strong leadership on this project was vital to this project's success.
John understands the scope of a project and how to best dedicate resources to that project.
John provided us great content for two entirely different projects.
He had a great relationship with senior execs and was always the go-to man for saving projects.
John is a dedicated senior engineer who works hard and is always willing to help.
I have had the opportunity to benefit from his expertise on more than one project.
Furthermore, during these years he was responsible for several national projects.
The John company would benefit greatly to have him on their project.
Those projects have all benefitted greatly from his leadership.