Senior Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was my sponsor in my senior undergraduate project, which lasted one year.
Deliverable dates, project scoping, and setting expectations of senior management were second nature to him.
I would not hesitate in recommending him for a senior role in the mall and mixed use project manager.
He was inspiring to a small group of senior project managers from around the world.
John proved to be a senior project manager interface and a nice guy.
John is a dependable, intelligent, and hardworking senior project manager.
John is very effective in communicating to and managing the expectations of vendors, project stakeholders, and senior management.
He is one of these rare senior project managers who are able to keep the overview over multiple projects while deep diving into project details where required for a successful delivery.
He's also a top-notch project manager who can manage relationships and communicate issues to senior management.
John managed a wide array of projects at the highest level and was always well versed when providing project status to senior levels of management.
John has managed projects of all sizes and has leadership experiences that rival those of senior corporate managers.
He is very dedicated and thorough which enables senior management to trust him and depend on him to deliver complex projects.
John on my mind is no doubt the best in class senior project or program manager.
He made sure that my opinions and needs were not lost and that they were considered by senior management.
He clearly had the vision that others did not and he was able to get buy in from senior management.
He would be wasted in any position lower than senior management within an organisation.
Nor is he afraid to push back on senior management as appropriate, but does so tactfully.
He puts his ideas out there and many of them have been adopted by senior management.
John was one of the senior managers with the company and one that many looked up to.
Wish him all the very best and he is highly recommended for senior management roles.
He proved to senior management that these changes were necessary and effective.
John embodies all of the characteristics that one desires in senior management.
I would recommend him without hesitation for any senior management role.
His senior management insights are significant, and always oh so helpful.
He is highly respected by his colleagues, seniors and the management.
Exxon senior management was highly impressed with his abilities.
This makes him great to have in a senior management position.
I can think of several of us right off who later moved into a manager or senior manager positions largely due to his tutelage.
John is a strong senior manager, who has the ability to manage effectively both upwards and down.
He also managed to create a very positive impact on the minds of the senior management.
While he was senior to me at the company, he worked together with individuals on projects.
I would gladly work with him on very complex senior management projects without a hesitation.
John is an extremely good senior level project and relationship manager.
John is an excellent senior project manager who is a delight to work with.
His contribution to the project was appreciated by peers and seniors alike.
When projects were subject to change, he proactively identified issues and presented recommendations to senior management.
John is a fresh thinking, solution orientated senior project manager.
John worked for me as a senior project manager in one of the most complex projects to modernise an existing system.
John was our team's senior manager through a very large project that the company was undertaking.
John was a senior project manager on our team and worked on several of my customer projects.
He would report the results of his projects to senior leadership.
John also understands what is required to track and report project status to senior management.
He is certainly a valued senior manager to have by any organization.
He managed the politics to craft and the force that only a senior manager knows how.
He is more than capable of managing and motivating a group of senior managers.
John was an active participant in the project even though he was in a senior position.
As a senior technical project manager, he was able to help with various projects across the organization, no matter what state they were in.
John excelled at managing project demands from senior level management down through department heads.
He is a very strong and senior project management professional who brings focus and discipline to all aspects of project and risk management.
John's many years as a senior international project manager were invaluable to the organization.
John credits the individuals for their work and projects their visibility to senior management.
John strategically positioned the project with senior stakeholders and signed off on the creative direction and project management.
John has repeatedly demonstrated value which has been recognized by senior management.
He told senior managers and project owners things they did not like to hear, but made the project goals more achievable in the process.
John was often called upon by senior management to resolve the most difficult and time sensitive projects.
John is a very dynamic senior manager with the energy and passion to deliver the toughest projects.
John is an excellent company leader, senior engineer and senior project manager.
John is a consummate senior project manager who is highly proactive, self-motivated, volitional, and autonomous.
John, over a lot of years, has exceeded all expectations in his senior project management role.
His ability to never say no to a challenge or any project ensured he was always put forward as a recommendation by senior members of management.