Senior Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent senior recruiter, having placed me once, and nearly done so on a couple of other occasions.
John was recognized within the company as excelling at recruiting senior candidates.
I would recommend him without question or hesitation for any senior recruiting role.
As the senior recruiter, he made the "first impression" on behalf of the company.
I recommend him highly for any senior leadership role in recruiting.
John handled the recruiting for a senior position within our firm.
He has my vote of confidence as a recruiter for senior positions.
John is an honest and reliable recruiter who is highly experienced in navigating the senior recruitment landscape.
He is a perceptive senior recruiter, always engaging and positive.
John clearly recognizes how to recruit and hire senior talent.
He really knows the tech recruiting space and has recruited at every level, up through senior executive.
John recruited a number of senior people for me and they were all good.
He has mastery in mass recruitments and he handles senior mandates with the same perfection.
He is a great example of a senior recruiter who truly understands client needs and excels at the recruitment puzzle.
He has demonstrated that he is very effective in recruiting senior talent.
John is an excellent senior recruiter who will look out for you at all times and make sure everything runs smoothly during your trip.
He is extremely competent to handle senior level recruitment.
I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him as a senior recruiter.
Have worked with him in several senior level recruitment assignments.
He is so much more than him title "senior recruiter"; he is a life changer.
John is an exceptional senior recruiter that went above and beyond for my job search and placement.
John is a hardworking, dedicated senior recruiter on our team.
John is an outstanding senior recruiter, he never stops in giving advice and offers help wherever it is needed.
I would recommend him for senior level positions in recruitment within as well as outside his current scope.
John helped me with two senior level recruiting assignments and on both, came through with flying colors.
John is a senior recruiter whom you can rely on getting top notch candidates for any requirement.
I highly recommend him to any company in need of a top-notch senior recruiter.
John is a solid senior tech recruiter, and knows how to do it all, from sourcing to closing.
In fact, the number of times senior candidates have described him as the most impressive recruiter they have ever met.
John is a very proficient, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly senior recruiter.
John is a very experienced recruiter who specializes in hiring for senior roles.
John is a very effective senior recruiter who can work on very tight deadlines.
He is a great recruiter with the makings of a senior level recruiting executive.
John is senior and very professional recruiting professional.
John knows his stuff and is a reliable and effective partner for senior position recruitment.
John is a senior recruiter who came up-to-speed very quickly and is a key contributor.
As senior recruiter, he goes above and beyond his call of duty to make yourself feel comfortable at your new assignment.
John completed many senior recruitments in my team, all of which turned out to be great successes.
He was passionate about his teams; from him recruiters through his senior leaders.
He is one of the senior recruiters in the team who is dependable and knowledgeable.
I highly recommend him as a senior recruiter and know that he will do very well in any future endeavor he takes on.
John in an extraordinary recruiter who has the ability find very senior candidates for hard to fill positions.
He went the extra mile when it came to senior level recruitment and left no stone unturned.
John is a great senior recruiter who is not only professional, but, he also has a good sense of humor.
John is an experienced senior recruiter - a true professional at his craft.
John is a consummate professional in the senior recruitment space.
I am glad to recommend him for any senior level recruiting position in an organization and wish him the best in all endeavors.
John is a straightforward recruiter who delivers on his commitments to his clients and his senior candidates.
And we've used his services ourselves to help recruit to our own senior team.
He is a very experienced search and senior recruiter who works internationally with ease.
John was the senior recruiter for a very young and growing company we both worked at.
John is a strong senior recruiter with the ability to lead others.
John is a talented and experienced senior level recruiter with a thorough knowledge of the overall recruitment marketplace.
John is a proven expert in executive recruitment and our first point of contact when it comes to senior level recruitment.
John recently recruited him into a senior role, he was absolutely brilliant through the whole recruitment process.
John, with his many years of senior roles in the recruiting sector would make him an invaluable asset to any company's recruiting organization.
Many of his recruits excelled and progressed to senior roles within the organisation.
He does all that is needed for a good senior recruiter to succeed.
John is a mature, solid & reliable all-around senior recruiter.
As a senior recruiter, many often looked to him for advice and guidance, him being one of them.
John led to some very challenging international senior recruitment for him.
John brings passion and enthusiasm to his role as a senior recruiter.
John looked after some recruitment, we ran at a senior level last year.
John is an outstanding leader in recruiting, he is his "go to" professional for all senior level recruiting questions.
As a senior recruiter, he has been a great competitor and mentor.
John recruited him to our company prior to being promoted to other senior roles there.
He outpaced some of the more senior recruiters through his hard work and diligence.
John offered some advice and expertise on a senior candidate we were recruiting for our company.
He would be a great asset to any company seeking a senior recruiter.
Don't let him unassuming attitude fool you, he is one of the more senior and experienced recruiters available to those in the analytics
He is an outstanding senior recruiter who is very confident in his abilities because he knows his craft so well.
John worked for him as a recruiter to fill a very senior role.
He himself supervised the recruitment process of several senior roles in different countries and with different requirements.
John supported several senior recruiters (including himself) at our company, and was one of the best ever.
Also, because he has several years as a senior recruiter, he was able to provide feedback on the challenges we were having.
In his experience, only very senior level recruiters are able to make these kinds of high level connections.
He grew and matured as an excellent recruiter in handling senior level and niche assignments.
John provided recruiting services that focused on candidates for senior-level positions.
Additionally, he has been an outstanding recruiter for the program.
Whether it is training new recruiters or improving senior ones, his talent can never be underestimated.
As a senior recruiter he still remains a team player and gives beyond his best in all his efforts.