Senior Sales Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Sales Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He provided our group with the best of best sales engineering expertise.
John was the best pre- and post-sales engineer that we ever had.
John was my primary sales engineer assigned to my sales team at our company.
John always provided outstanding support to the sales and sales engineering organization.
As an individual contributor, he was clearly one of the best sales engineers in the group.
John is one of the most-gifted sales engineers, it has ever been my pleasure to know.
I would highly recommend him in any senior sales positions requiring these attributes.
John is a very knowledgeable sales engineer and responds immediately to engineering requests from the mechanical engineer.
I consider him a highly motivated and focused senior sales manager.
He selflessly mentors junior engineers and draws the best out of senior engineers.
He was equally popular with the engineers as well as sales teams.
John was extremely helpful in my search for a new senior sales position last fall.
John's ability to work with customers, sales, and sales engineers is outstanding.
John is a highly experienced sales engineer with an inspiring attitude.
He was a strong asset for both the engineering and sales organizations.
John worked both hard and effectively, and is an outstanding sales engineer.
He works hard and has all the attributes you look for in a senior sales colleague.
He went on to broaden his sales capabilities further still and gained well deserved promotion to more senior sales roles on a number of occasions.
John is one of those rare people that easily straddles the gap between engineering and sales.
John showed me the fundamentals for my first job out of college as a sales engineer.
He made my job as a sales engineer as easy and focused as possible.
I would strongly recommend him to any prospective employer in a senior sales role.
He is as comfortable talking to an engineer as he is ahead of sales.
John would be a great addition to anyone looking for a senior sales leader.
He is great to work with and always respects his sales engineer's time.
He showed me how to get the good attitude and speech of a sales engineer.
John is the consummate sales engineer and would make an extreme positive asset to any organization.
He engineered a turnaround of a decade-long sales decline, and revitalized the sales team.