Senior Sales Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Sales Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understood how to connect with senior executive pressure points which helped quicken the sales cycle.
John is a very senior sales executive, always focused on solving and addressing the clients needs.
John is a charismatic, disciplined, and engaging senior executive sales leader.
He was one of the top sales executives and never missed an opportunity to grow.
John is that rarest of sales executives who combines both empathy and urgency.
He was my number one sales executive in each of his tour of duties with me.
He would be an asset for anyone that needs a first class sales executive.
John is a dedicated and effective sales executive who gets results.
He is visionary, sales-focused and results-oriented executive.
He was an instrumental senior sales executive with experience in both launching our inside and field sales groups.
He is a very capable senior executive who specializes in sales, strategy and profitability.
He is an outstanding senior executive and would be a great addition to any senior leadership team.
John would make an excellent senior executive in any organization that would be lucky enough to have him.
As a senior executive, his voice is always one of the most valuable at any table.
He is extremely well suited as a senior executive in any organization.
His ability to partner with senior executives is crucial to winning net new logo sales.
As a senior sales executive, he is motivated, methodical and a consistent performer.
John is very diligent and has an eye for details when it comes to sales execution.
He is well respected by the senior executives and those who work for him alike.
John's tailoring can take you from green sales rep to execute with one suit.
John is an innovative sales executive who has his eye on the big picture.
John is an enterprise sales executive in the true sense of the word.
He is a senior executive, very committed with sales results and focused on the customers.
He uniquely balances the tactical and strategic requirements of a senior sales executive.
John is one of those senior executives you just admire, and hope to one day emulate.
Chances are he could add considerable value to any senior executive team.
He has always been an extremely creative and buttoned-up sales executive.
John is a very detail-oriented, team-focused senior sales executive.
I recommend him most highly to any corporation or senior executive.
Many of his people, including myself, later evolve into successful sales executives.
I would recommend him for a position where he can collaborate with senior executives to make things happen.
John is probably one of the most well rounded young and energetic global senior executives in the world.
John is an extraordinary senior executive who can succeed at anything he puts his mind to.
John is a senior executive with an excellent grasp of the dynamics of the workplace.
I retained him to target senior executives of several large multinational companies.
He has a diverse background that suits him well for any senior executive position.
I would be happy to recommend him for a senior executive position in any company.
John is a very seasoned senior executive with impeccable leadership style.
John is a fantastic example of a young entrepreneurial senior executive.
His ability to identify and befriend senior executives is totally amazing.
He has the ability to connect with a wide spectrum of senior executives.
He has a senior executive vision, but comfortably connects with all levels.
John delivered two talks to my senior executive groups last month.
He is an unbelievable senior executive with a firm but fair view.
John is a senior executive bringing a huge value to the table.
John is an outstanding sales executive who leads by example and is an expert with complex sales cycles.
On the sales side, he cultivates strong relationships with the most senior executives at prospects and partners.
He is very senior sales executive well organized, resourceful, very detail oriented.
John was consistently successful in his role as a senior sales executive by listening and always doing what was in the best interest of his clients.
John is an extremely talented sales executive and a very effective senior leader.
John is a very thorough and proactive sales executive willing to pursue any and all opportunities for potential.
I truly believe this allows him to stand out as a sales executive and gain the trust of all who he serves.
He was the perfect mediator between the existing sales division and the senior leadership.
John is a solid, straightforward senior sales executive with a tremendous work ethic.
He undoubtedly would perform in an exemplary manner for senior executives.
He is extremely professional and can handle very tough situations with very senior executives and senior journalists.
I highly recommend him as a senior sales executive for high-tech system solution sales.
John is the quintessential top performing senior sales and marketing executive.
John is a senior sales executive paying a lot of attention to his partner's needs and objectives.
John is an effective senior executive who has and will make a significant contribution to any organization.