Senior Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very versatile and capable of holding senior role in both sales and partner management.
John is an excellent senior sales leader and manager of people.
He has mastered the art of sales and managing sales personnel.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any senior sales role.
I would recommend him for any senior sales leadership position without hesitation.
I will not hesitate to recommend him for any senior sales management roles and trust that he will excel in these roles.
His successful sales background has led him into senior management positions where he has also proven his abilities.
John managed the sales team and consistently exceeded sales expectations.
He is well liked and well respected amongst his peers and senior management.
He is very liked by the senior management and his own staff.
He would be an asset to any sales organization or senior management team.
He is credible with our senior management and our sales and marketing leadership.
I'd recommend him to any company looking for a senior sales management professional.
Joining is a senior sales professional and a very experienced manager.
John came to his sales role with no specific sales experience, but with many years of senior level management experience.
Effectively managing senior management expectation with high intensity sales staff has become his trademark.
He recently worked with me and placed me in a senior sales role.
As such, he gained near immediate credibility of the sales team both with his peers and senior management.
The feedback on his presentation from both our sales team and senior management was excellent.
I've never seen a sales manager earn more universal respect from him reports, his peers and senior management.
Peers look to him for guidance, but senior management also looks to him for perspective and insight.
John manages with an even hand and minimizes the emotional swings that characterize many senior managers.
Respected by senior management, he understands the importance of being commercial and not just winning the sale.
I highly recommend him for any senior management role in a competitive sales driven environment.
Watching him grow from the ground level in sales to a senior management position very quickly.
He was well-respected by senior management, as well as his peers and subordinates.
John has transitioned him success in sales to become a competent and talented sales manager.
John is a driven, senior sales and marketing manager with expertise in channel management.
His vast experience as a sales professional, sales manager and senior trainer/training manager, and this alone makes him an asset to any employer.
He has an ability unlike any other to delegate, time manage, and organize the way senior managers should.
He gets along extremely well with senior management, as well as colleagues at his own level.
John is a very effective senior manager who provided strong, focused leadership to the global sales organization.
He is a dedicated family man and a truly outstanding senior sales manager.
John unreservedly for any senior sales management position he pursues, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
John is an excellent senior sales manager, we worked closely together and would highly recommend him.
John held various senior sales and general management roles for me and excelled in all of these positions.
He was a sales rep, senior sales rep and served in a buying capacity for me.
Time and again he demonstrates his superior sales and senior management skills.
But it is his ability to balance that with the needs of his own company that sets him apart from most senior sales people.
His name was constantly brought up as one of the top, senior, sales people in the company.
John is a senior sales manager with the ability to sell complex solutions to the largest companies.
John has all the skills and abilities to excel in both sales and senior management positions.
John is a highly experienced senior sales manager and made an outstanding contribution in supporting our country sales organisations.
John is a strong and energetic sales leader who does well both managing senior and junior sales people.
Coupled with teaching me the ropes in sales and sales management; he was a great mentor and friend.
I found him to be honest, enthusiastic and very proactive in finding me a senior sales role.
I recommend him for a senior product/services strategy/marketing or sales leadership role.
John has consistently been a big hit in sales that senior management could always rely upon to deliver numbers well beyond his quota.
John is ideally suited for sales management or a senior selling position for large dollar transactions.
John would be an asset to any company and a great candidate for management or a senior sales position.
John proved to be an extremely competent and a resourceful senior sales manager.
John stepped in when him senior management was not available and did the job expertly and without complaint.
John is someone who deservedly garners much respect from both senior management and his peers.
He is a well respected manager and both, senior managers and peers, recognise his contribution to our success.
And my view is that he will perform well in senior management appointments.
John is an extremely able senior manager who can not only lead the sales effort, but can then ensure the delivery is up to the sales promise.
He is not afraid of challenging people's thinking - from senior management to the most experienced sales personnel.
It is no wonder that senior management not only listens to him, but also actively seeks out his opinion.
John contributed to our senior leadership portfolio management think tank.
Although new to the team he instantly built relationships with both senior management as well as the sales team he would manage.