Senior Software Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Software Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He had the abilities of a senior engineer, but was just out of college.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a solid senior engineer.
He is very smart guy and one of the best top senior engineers.
I strongly recommend him for any senior software or systems engineering position.
I'd highly recommend him as a senior engineer or software architect.
John is a highly capable senior software engineer and architect.
John reported to me for close to two years as a senior software engineer.
Most of his engineers have gone on to senior or key positions within and without the company.
John is an exceptional software engineer with the ability to quickly ramp up on new software technologies.
His many years as a senior software engineer were evident in the way he approached tasks and achieved outcomes.
He always encourages you and never let you feel that you are an engineer and he is so senior to you.
He may have been young, but he had the aptitude and capability of a senior engineer.
He more than excelled in the skills expected of a senior software engineer.
John is a very well rounded senior software engineer with an incredible drive and a wonderful attitude.
He was a great mentor, and really paved a path for me to become a senior software engineer.
John was absolutely essential in my becoming a better senior solutions engineer.
I am sure he would be the best choice for any organization looking for a skillful senior software engineer.
I know that he has got many followers in our software organization.
Although he was the senior person in the organisation, but he never had the attitude of seniority.
John was always willing to help when troubleshooting software and hardware.
John is a very flexible software engineer, effective in multiple software roles and team situations.
He learned quickly and was very receptive to suggestions from senior engineers.
He had made tremendous contributions to the software platform.
In the process, he turned out some first rate software engineering.
He was always trying to thoroughly understand the functionalities in the software.
He knows how to get the most out of the software on which he trains.
He like myself doesn't believe in the "vapour ware" software fix which is rare when you get into any form of software solutions.
John is a very bright person and his knowledge extends well beyond just a senior software engineer.
John was one of the few stalwart leaders, senior software systems engineers, in our flight (spacecraft) software group.
John was a senior engineer on the team and everyone listened when he spoke.
He is a very senior software engineer who works well in a team but requires little supervision.
His contribution made really steady software and the software became a good asset to our company.
His understanding around anything that had to do with enterprise software was amazing.
He is very curious and interested in many other areas than software.
John would be an excellent addition to any software organization.
John excels in all areas of software release/build/management.
He has successfully passed difficult, senior-level programming and software engineering classes.
As a senior engineer, he is always willing to help and guide everyone with a warm and friendly smile.
John is smart, capable, a good communicator and all of the things that one expects from a senior software engineer.
John is an experienced software professional with a vast experience in all aspects of software engineering.
When it comes to passion for the software he is definitely one of my favorite people.
John is one of the most brilliant and driven people in software.
John was instrumental in teaching us how to use the software.
John is a strong, full-stack senior software engineer and would be a valuable asset to any organization.
Without his tireless effort and ingenuity, our software would not be where it is today.
I found him to be hardworking and very successful in selling the company's software.
He guided me to the right software for our current and foreseeable circumstance.
John has given me valuable advice regarding the software his company sells.
I am truly excited to see just how big his software platform becomes.
He has the tools and is very street smart about using the software.
He is focused on finding new opportunities in existing software.
John was a welcome blessing to our start-up software company.
Due to his background in automation and software he can easily fit into a software engineer job.
He knows the architecture, the software components, and peripherals.
John has been in charge of our software department for several months.
He also knows how to make, break and ship software with the best of them.
For six months, he was the only senior engineer on the team, and shouldered the responsibility marvelously.
I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future and would highly recommend him to any team looking for a senior software engineer.
John has made software recommendations for myself and my clients and we have never been let down.
John is motivated by results and always strives to help deliver the best possible software.