Senior Staff Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Staff Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

A firm could not do better than to have him as a member of its senior staff.
John in point is his incredible efficiency of filtering and bringing in candidates for our senior staff accounting position.
He fast became one of the key senior staff within the organisation.
He is more than just an asset to anyone wishing to add to their senior staff.
His efforts were leaps and bounds ahead of the senior staff's requirements.
He has also instilled a greater sense of accountability among the staff.
He is someone any senior member of staff would want in their team.
John was always encouraging and helpful as a senior staff member.
He brought value to our clients, staff, and senior leadership.
John's leadership as a senior member of the staff in invaluable.
It was a pleasure to have him as a senior member of my staff.
He was comfortable working with staff as well as senior management.
John embraces high accountability and inspires that in his staff.
He knows the requirements and job responsibilities of every senior staff position.
John's experience made him an invaluable voice of the senior staff.
During our time together, he continually impressed the senior staff with his achievements.
John and his staff did an excellent job of getting out accounts up to date and on track.
He was also easily approachable when it came to matters that some senior staff might shy away from.
Excellent leader with enthusiasm and dedication to his staff and seniors.
John would be a valuable asset to any senior leadership staff.
As his accountant, he is organized, prompt, and interacts easily with our staff.
He was willing to take on tougher and more challenging assignments and accounts where most staff who shy away from.
John has an effective leadership style that is comprised of both compassion and accountability for this stuff.
John provided ad hoc accounting staff to our firm on multiple occasions.
John is respected by his colleagues, peers and senior staff members.
He works well with his peers and is not intimidated by senior staff.
He then trained us how to maintain them without the need for expensive accounting staff.
He was supportive while expecting accountability from his staff.
For the senior leadership staff, he was the primary reason why many of us stayed on.
I couldn't wait to get him in front of other senior staff and get him on board.
He was well liked and respected by all his staff, peers and people senior to him.
John' presentation at our conference for senior staff was well received.
He and his staff hold people/organizations accountable to the objectives that are agreed upon at the onset.
He has high expectation of his staff, and holds himself just as accountable, if not more.
John's interaction with our staff throughout has been fantastic.
He trained anyone (including the senior staff) who needed help.
He showed good leadership with his staff and was very accurate in his accounting of all auction items.
He was hired by a company to find a staff accountant for them.
Expects a lot from his staff, gives them the room to do their best and holds them accountable.
As a senior staff member he regularly encouraged and acknowledged my contribution.
Whether it be staff-level or senior-level, he drives results.
He was an effective trainer and was able to hold staff accountable.
John and his staff do an outstanding job keeping seniors active and involved.
His staff was filled with senior people - experienced, smart, tough, cynical.
I have used him with students, staff and senior teams and the feedback has always been exceptional.
He is prepared to make difficult decisions and holds peers and his staff accountable.
He is a thorough professional and can address both senior staff and junior staff with ease.
I would have no hesitations in recommending him to future employees as a more senior member of staff.
John's positive attitude and can-do approach makes him a critical member of our senior staff.
I was impressed with his staff and his new photography studio.
John was always highly professional with everyone who worked under him, as well as with senior staff.
John is the rarest of the rare among senior staff: no matter how much pressure he's under, his demeanor never varies.
He never had any inhibition of a senior at that time and used to work along with each and every staff in their tables.
He has worked relentlessly to help my firm fill many of our senior staff members.
He had an easy rapport with staff and worked well with all levels of staff.
In his role he sought answers, put in place procedures and held staff accountable.
John is easy to work with and is highly regarded by staff, peers and seniors.